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One switch spiral art, created by Claire Sutton in the mid 1990s, later digitised using an Atari ST.

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A resource of fun ideas and assistive technology for accessible gaming and especially for people using accessibility switches. Please browse around to get a better idea.

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News Blog

Switch Gaming Blog. Image of a TV with the words OneSwitch Blog inside.


Switch Gaming: Image of One Switch Frogger with a frog in the path of an on-coming lorry with OneSwitch on the side. Grass then water ahead.






Hitari Tumbler, switch adapted.


Library: Image of Chris Myers playing one-switch Shenmue Darts at CGE UK 2005 event.






Art: Image of some mosaic art created using Ambiomat.


Ideas: Screen shot from SEGA's Shenmue mini-game of Darts.



Do It Yourself


Do It Yourself: Image of a switch adapted electronic die  with cartoon drill marked with the letters DIY.

Links: Image of Dreamspace, a cavern of multi-coloured light.

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