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Foot-pedals and Large Joystick
Footpedals and Large Joystick

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A large Joystick with three pedal controller giving control over up, down, left, right and fire (or left mouse click). Play games, browse the web and more using this versatile set-up. Using with JoyToKey software enables this controller to act as a mouse, or any combination of keys on a PC keyboard that you can fit.

Please feel free to e-mail for further information and for ordering details.

Bandai KidsStation with USB Adapter.

• Reconditioned Joystick with new old stock pedals and new Stelladaptor.
• USB connection via a Stelladaptor for PC use.
• Joystick can be set for left or right handed use. Also features an Auto-Fire switch.
• Compatible with JoyToKey - use the pedals and joystick to control your mouse.
• Similarly, use with a huge range of PC software and games, in many different ways.
• It's possible to set every control as the SPACE bar for playing one-switch games.
• Compatible with retro games machines using Atari joystick ports.

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