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Adapted Virtual Light Machine
Adapted Vitual Light Machine.

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Adapted Virtual Light Machine.

Play, pause and skip tracks on audio CDs via one to three switches, accompanied by a spectacular light show that reacts to the music.

The adapted Virtual Light Machine is an Atari Jaguar games console with CD-Rom, SCART lead and one adapted controller:

• 81 different visual effects
• Switch 1: play/pause
• Switch 2: Skip/FF Forward
• Switch 3: Skip/RW Back

• Vivid cause and effect device
• Superb at home, in Sensory Rooms and Clubs
• Record your own music videos via the supplied SCART lead.

Jaguar VLM effects.

• Melt-o-vision!
• Works with all standard audio CDs.
• Reacts to volume and sound frequencies.
• Great with classical, sound effect CDs, pop and spoken word alike.
• Requires a Television and switches, not included.

More Virtual Light Machine effects.

Virtual Light Machine LINKS:

JagCube - Screen shots of all 81 image bank effects.
VLM Instructions - via "Electric Escape" web-site.
Telegames - Source of new old stock Atari Jaguar games.
VLM Hack - Intricate way to get extra effects from your VLM.

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