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William Pilgrim Accessible Games
William Pilgrim Accessible Games

Image of one switch game Alienated by William Pilgrim.

The 4Noah Gaming Laboratory: The Games

The following freeware PC games are designed to be played with a single accessibility switch set to act as the SPACE BAR. Click on the picture of the game you wish to download to save into a folder of your choice. Once completed you will need to unzip these games in order to play them. Please view the README files enclosed before playing. Have fun!







One-switch cover version of Taito's legendary 1978 game Space Invaders. Take note of the in-game READ ME instructions before playing.
Requires accurate timing skills.
(C) 2008 William Pilgrim



One Switch Football



"One Switch Football"


One player football game with a good range of difficulty levels.

(C) 2009 William Pilgrim






Whacka Mole


High speed whack-fest. Use the SPACE BAR to bash at random.

(C) 2008 William Pilgrim


N.B. All 4Noah utilities are the copyright of William Pilgrim © 2009 hosted here with his kind permission. These may not be charged for or adapted without prior permission.

Retro Remakes - Classic Gaming for the Next Generation.

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