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Cronus Device
Cronus Device

Cronus Device

Cronus and Accessible Gaming

The Cronus Device allows for a huge variety of controllers to take control of PS3 and Xbox 360 consoles. Controls can be fully reconfigured and a wide manner of assist modes can be applied. Feel free to mooch around and please do get in touch for more help and information.


1. Setting Up

2. Remapper Profiles


4Noah Gaming: Image of Whack-a-Mole one-switch game.


Art and Music: Image of Guitar Shred Hero - which can be adapted for one-switch play.



3. Bullseye Profiles

4. Advanced Use


4Noah Various: Image of My Teacher is an Alien! power-point story title screen with overlaid switch lock display.


Mojofltr YouTube Channel. Image of the YouTube logo.


Cronus Device developed by Jefferson Kopee, Brazil (c) Cronus 2012, 2013. To support the development and sharing of similar Assistive Technology, please consider supporting the charity SpecialEffect.


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