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Gaming Redux

Cronus Device

Cronus and Accessible Gaming 

The Cronus Device allows for a huge variety of controllers to take control of PS3, PS4, Xbox 360 and Xbox One consoles. This area focusses on the Windows PC to Console link-up software Bullseye/MaxAim and some of the related access potential. Feel free to mooch around and please do get in touch for more information and help if needed.


1. Setting Up



First Time Setting Up. Small image of a Cronus Device.


Image of the Conrus Device Bullseye software with "Enter Capture Mode" button above a bulls head.



3. Extra Accessibility

4. Videos


Image of a Dual-Shock joypad above a mouse and keyboard.

Image of a sand dune and robed figure in the foreground from the game Journey. Made accessible with two-switches.

Cronus Device and Titan One developed by Jefferson Kopee, Brazil (c) Cronus 2012, 2014. To support the development and sharing of similar Assistive Technology, please consider supporting SpecialEffect.


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