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A mix of one-switch games. From top left clockwise, PC game Fotonica, PS3 game Everybody's Golf, Dreamcast and Xbox Shenmue darts and Obscure laser-disk game Badlands.

Game Not Over

Video games are fun and also give people the power to do amazing things that they would be unable to in real life.

With the right specialised hardware, many standard video games can be played by anyone, no matter the disability. "One Switch Gaming" is especially interested in games playable with a single switch, and in campaigning for accessibility features in all games.

Read the latest and archived news at the OneSwitch Blog.


1. Switch Interfaces



1. Switch Interfaces. (PS2 Switch Interface Deluxe pictured).


Frequently Asked Questions:

What is a switch interface? Where can I get one? What switches do I need? How do I make one myself?

2. Game Reviews



2. Game Reviews (Everybody's Golf for the Playstation pictured).


Game reviews and links to review sites of switch games.

We'd love to hear from you too. Do you know of any great games that are playable with just one or two switches?

3. Free Games



3. One-Switch Game Library Downloads.


100+ fantastic single switch games available from the One Switch library for free download and play.

4. ATE Arcade



4. ATE Arcade - Accessible Through Emulation


Play exact replicas of arcade, console and retro computer games on your PC via software Emulators, at the ATE Arcade.
Define your own controls, adjust the speed, add cheats and more. Setting-up tends to require an experienced computer user.

5. Accessible Gaming Shop



Accessible Gaming Shop.


Switches, adapted controllers, mounting systems, adapters and much more in the OneSwitch Accessible Gaming Shop.

6. Campaign



6. Campaign for greater access in games.


Join the Campaign for greater access in games.

Switch Gaming Essentials

Accessible Gaming Shop - Where to find accessible hardware and software.
Blog - The latest news and thoughts from OneSwitch. New switch games here. - A splendid all-encompassing accessible gaming site, including forums where people can share their thoughts and knowledge.

On-line Switch Games

CBeebies Switch Games and CBeebies Grown-ups - Links to CBBC switch games.
Dice - Use to play board games or adventure game books.
Kodo - One to four player game using one-switch controls.
Knee Bouncers - Fun activities aimed at babies and toddlers.
Harry Potter Quidditch Chaser Tryouts - Set your switches to SPACE & RETURN.
Help Kidz Learn - A number of fun simple switch activities and games. - Large range of one-switch casual games. - Some quality but tough one-switch games.
Papunet - On-line switch games from Finland. I recommend trying their Darts game.
PENALTY! - Football game. Very easy to play with a single switch.
PEPSI NexGame - Crazy wall punching game. Requires a mouse to get started.
Scott McKay Switch Games - Switch football, golf and more..
SEN switcher - Cause and effect activities for absolute beginners. - Game of skill, including a one player, two player and 3D version.
Spaced Out - Tough single switch game, requiring fast reactions.
UA Chess - On-line Chess.

Free Switch Games to Download - Three fun single switch arcade games (PC).
Brillsoft - Jet Stream Trader alongside a number of much easier switch activities. - one-switch research projects: FPS, Bejewelled, Super Monkey Ball, Second Life and Super Mario Kart. - 100+ single switch games of varying difficulty.
PugFugly Games - Two of the best, The Pyramid and Orbit Racers (PC).
RJ Cooper - Two single switch arcade games (PC & Mac).
SEN switcher - Cause and effect activities for absolute beginners. - Two wonderful games, Archaist and Alice Amazed (PC).

Writing a Switch Game

Design Tips For: One Switch Games - Advice and links for game designers.
Barriers in Games - More general game accessibility advice.
Switch Access to Technology: A Comprehensive Guide - Via the Ace Centre.
One Button Games - Gamasutra article for game designers.
Retro Remakes - Guidance and forum for game designers.
Help You Play - Accessible Design Patterns for game designers.
Playing Pong With a Single Switch - Advice and links for game designers.

Commercial Switch Games

Dork - Fun puzzle game, by Alan deLespinasse, with free demo.
Inclusive Technology - Including traditional "Switch Friendly Games". - Single Switch games to buy. - Large range of one-switch casual games.
Sky Puppy -'s one-switch platform game.
Shiny Learning - Educational games.
Universal Access Games - Including an excellent training utility for new switch users.

Other links

CPU Killer - Slow down many PC games using this utility.
Game Winners - 'Cheats' to make your games more playable.
JoyToKey - Free PC utility enabling USB joypads to trigger key and mouse functions.
USB Overdrive - Apple Macintosh equivalent of JoyToKey.

Abilitynet - Game Controllers fact sheet.
Able Gamers - General game accessibility site with forum.
Apple Mac One Switch Games - A blogged list of Apple Macintosh games.
Assistive Gaming - Great Accessible Gaming site for the Apple Macintosh.
AssistiveWare - Switch gaming aids for the Apple Macintosh. - Superb resource on Audio Games.
Better Living Through Technology - Some great switch resources and more.
Deaf Gamers - Deaf perspective of games.
IGDA - Game Accessibility Special Interest Group - Campaigning for better access.
Natural Point - Superb PC Head Trackers.
Pioneers of Accessible Gaming - Some of the firsts.
WhiteStick - Links to games aimed at sight impaired gamers.

eBay - Auction site of gaming equipment.

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