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Switch Game Reviews
Switch Game Reviews.

Video Games (Playstation Everybody's Golf - pictured).

There are now well over 100 one-switch or one-button games available across a variety of platforms.

What the accessible gaming community desparately needs NOW, is for more people to start posting reviews of good and bad games. Fortunately there is now a centralised place for people to do this: The Special Effect GameBase. You will find a growing number of one-switch game reviews here alongside some very useful accessible gaming information.

One-switch reviews and news sites blog - The latest one-switch games.
Special Effect GameBase - The main review site for accessible games. - Around 25 one-switch game reviews. - One-switch forums for games old and new.
RetroRemakes - News from the pioneering RetroRemakes community.

Other useful game review sites

AbleGamers - Various reviews including some for one-switch games.
Deaf Gamers - A superb games review site aimed at deaf gamers.
Game Trailers - Video clips of console and PC games.

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