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Commodore 64
Emulation and Accessibility
Commodore 64 Emulation and Accessibility.

Video Games (Playstation Everybody's Golf - pictured).

Video games are fun and also give people the power to do amazing things that they would be unable to in real life.

With the right specialised hardware, many standard video games can be played by anyone, no matter the disability. "One Switch Gaming" is especially interested in games playable with a single switch, and in campaigning for accessibility features in all games.


10th Frame Bowling



Switch Gaming. Free games, reviews, adapted controllers, campaign for greater access and more.





180 Darts



Library: Instructions for enabling equipment, useful articles and free downloads.





Leaderboard Golf


Ideas: Things to try, places to go and technical Do It Yourself pages.


  Super Blitz 64



Do It Yourself Guides, Help and Adaptation Service.


Other Emulation LINKS

HeadTrackers and Emulators - Various switch adapted equipment and helpful links.

JoyToKey - Helpful forums for disabled gamers.

Speed Control - Very useful lively forum.

Other Emulators - Project aimed at disabled gamers in Singapore.

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