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MAME: Multiple Arcade Machine Emulator and Accessibility
Commodore 64 Emulation and Accessibility.

Coin-operated Video Games - Emulation and Accessibility - Image of a late 1970's arcade including Canyon Bomber.

Make mention of worth using this - some great fun games - cheat files - front ends - bit about owning roms. Try to seek out the Music Maker software for one-switch play (Beatles, Classics, Pop). Video games are fun and also give people the power to do amazing things that they would be unable to in real life.

With the right specialised hardware, many standard video games can be played by anyone, no matter the disability. "One Switch Gaming" is especially interested in games playable with a single switch, and in campaigning for accessibility features in all games.

SPEED CONTROL METHODS: Set "Frame Skipping" to "Draw Every Frame" from MAME's advanced properties settings. Then use the CPU Killer speed utility.


Canyon Bomber



Switch Gaming. Free games, reviews, adapted controllers, campaign for greater access and more.

Switch Gaming. Free games, reviews, adapted controllers, campaign for greater access and more.


© 1977 Atari - 1 or 2 players

GAMEPLAY: Drop bombs to clear a canyon of boulders for points. Play against a computer or human opponent. Miss too many times and your game is over.
REVIEWS: Special Effect GameBase
SETTING UP FOR ONE SWITCH PLAY: With the game running, press the TAB key to bring up MAME's in game menu. Via the "Input (This Game)" menu, set both the Drop Bomb ("P1 Button 1") and the Start button ("1 Player Start") both to player one's single switch control, what ever that might be. Do likewise for player two. Finally adjust the DIP Switches "Coinage" option to "FREEPLAY".
DIP Switches: "Misses Per Play" can be slightly adjusted from 3 to 6 allowed.

MAME Cheats: Infinite Misses.

SPEED CONTROL: CPU Killer method


Depth Charge



Library: Instructions for enabling equipment, useful articles and free downloads.


© 1977 Midway - 1 player or Team

Short description - Explain can be played in a variety of ways. Link to review. Details of cheats available (infinte time - invincibility). Slow down method available (MAME Overclock CPU method).

Space Invaders


Ideas: Things to try, places to go and technical Do It Yourself pages.

Taito (c) 1978. Short description - Explain can be played in a variety of ways - 2 buttons with auto-fire. Link to review. Details of cheats available (Auto-Fire - Shot speed adjust - aliens don't fire). Slow down method available (CPU Killer with Frame Skipping set to "Draw Every Frame" selected within MAME's advanced properties settings).

  Uo Poko



Do It Yourself Guides, Help and Adaptation Service.


Other Arcade Video Game LINKS

HeadTrackers and Emulators - Review sites, download sites etc.

JoyToKey - One-switch arcade section - and also pinball, air-hockey, grab a toy etc.

Speed Control - Very useful lively forum.

Other Emulators - Project aimed at disabled gamers in Singapore.

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