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Accessible Game Reviews
Game Reviews.

Video Games (Playstation Everybody's Golf - pictured).

Video games are fun and also give people the power to do amazing things that they would be unable to in real life.

With the right specialised hardware, many standard video games can be played by anyone, no matter the disability. "One Switch Gaming" is especially interested in games playable with a single switch, and in campaigning for accessibility features in all games.

10th Frame - © 1986 Access Software
Commodore 64 (reviewer:

10th Frame (C64)


Manual via "Stadium 64"
Download via "Stadium 64"

Aim with LEFT and RIGHT, then press FIRE to bowl. "Kids" level option enables one press bowling. 1-8 players. Very basic presentation but good fun.
Pros: Clear graphics. No time limits.

Cons: Few frills. Menus can only be navigated using the keyboard.
Aiming up for a strike?

180 Darts - © 1986 Mad Games
Commodore 64 (reviewer:

180 Darts.


Manual with finishing combinations via "Stadium 64"
Download via "Stadium 64"

180 Darts close up.

Use FIRE to throw a dart, and an enabler to follow these aiming techniques using UP, DOWN, LEFT and RIGHT:

Random throw: Continuously guide the hand around the board in a clock-wise manner until the player throws a dart.
Deliberate throw: Continuously aim around the point required. E.g. If a 20 is needed, move the hand back and forth between 5, 20 and 1.
Pros: Clear graphics. No time limits in one or two player game.

Cons: Not very colourful. You need to keep scoring on a separate sheet of paper to play your own games. Menus can only be navigated using the keyboard.
Shenmue Darts (Dreamcast).

Leaderboard Golf - © 1986 Access Software
Commodore 64 (reviewer:

Leaderboard Golf. First of several great Leaderboard games from Access.


Manual with club guide
Download both via "Stadium 64"
Executive Leaderboard

Leaderboard. On the putting green.

Press FIRE to swing, LEFT and RIGHT to aim. Players may need an enabler to help with club selection using UP and DOWN. "Novice" level option removes slice. 1-4 players. Very basic presentation but good fun.

Club Selection: Use UP and DOWN to cycle through the choice of clubs. Use the Manual to gauge how far they can reach.
Aiming: Once the club has been selected, use LEFT and RIGHT to continuously aim around a reasonable point until the player take their swing.
Pros: Clear graphics. No time limits. A single press is enough to hit the ball a good distance.

Cons: Menus can only be navigated using the keyboard. Graphics slow to draw and not very detailed.
Everybody's Golf (Playstation).

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Game Winners - 'Cheats' to make your games more playable.

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