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Ideas! Image of an orange wheelchair user and the Kanji for Equality.

One Switch Ideas - Image of a dartboard taken from one-switch accessible mini-game Shenmue Darts on the Dreamcast.

Our aims 

There remains scant general knowledge of what people with more severe disabilities can get involved around the world. Because of this, such people are frequently left watching things passively, that with a little equipment and support, they could be getting actively involved with.

Hopefully, this ideas section can help to change this a little.


Switch Video Games

Other Switch Games


Switch Video Games - image of a space ship with a huge explosion behind it. Taken from one-switch game Aurikon.


Other Switch Games



Switch Accessible Music

Switch Accessible Art

Switch Accessible Music


Switch Accessible Art



D.I.Y. Switch Equipment

Switch Equipment To Buy

Games Console Switch Interface Deluxe


£40 Switch Accessible Pinball





Switch adapted Remote Controlled Car.


Switch Adapted Water Blaster!


Some other ideas

Communication - TalkSense free switch symbols and more.
Cooking: Accessible Recipes and Accessible Cook gear.
Wheelchairs: Customising your wheelchair ideas.

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