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PC Switch Interfaces

This area deals with switch interfaces for PCs. OneSwitch interfaces will work with most software as they make your switch act as a Joystick, Mouse or Keyboard..

Click on the images below for more details on each controller and where you can purchase these from.

Please feel free to e-mail for help on anything that is unclear, or to share new information.

UltraStik Switch Interface

UltraStik Analogue Joystick and Switch Interface.

From (UK)

Reprogrammable PC Analogue joystick including four switch sockets. Can be set up in a wide variety of ways including Mouse emulation. Using a Windows PC and link-up system can be used to access an Xbox 360, Xbox One and PS3.

Switch Adapted Joypad

Switch Adapted JoyPad. MadCatz USB controller.

From (UK)

Versatile and inexpensive switch interface. Choose a version with one, two or three switch sockets. Comes with a free CD of switch utilities and one switch games. Can be used with most software applications, and is JoyToKey compatible.

Switch Adapted Arcade Stick

ASCII Grip V2 (sold out).

From (UK)

A very rugged switch interface, with fourteen switch sockets, an on/off switch to enable/disabled connected switches and Playstation compatibility. JoyToKey compatible.

Crick USB Switch Interface

Crick USB Switch Interface.

From Inclusive Technology (UK)

Crick Software's excellent robust switch interface. Very easy to set up and use for both PCs and Macs.

Don Johnston Switch Interface Pro 6.0

Don Johnston Switch Interface Pro 6.0

From Inclusive Technology (UK)

One of the simplest switch interfaces. Five switch sockets that can be set in one of four different modes. Great for standard switch access, although won't work on everything.

Joy Cable 2

Sensory Software's Joy Cable 2

From Inclusive Technology (UK) and Spectronics (AUS)

A simple two socket switch interface that should be compatible with JoyToKey.



From QED (UK) and Spectronics (AUS)

A 12 socket switch interface that should also be compatible with JoyToKey.


Origin Swifty PC Switch Interface.

From Origin Instruments (USA)

The most compact switch interface available for PCs. Works with up to two wired switches with an additional adapter, or three wirelessly through "Beam", this interface can output mouse clicks, joystick buttons or keyboard functions.

Compatible with JoyToKey in Joystick mode.

Tash Mini Click

ASCII Grip V2 (sold out).

From QED (UK)

One of the simplest switch interfaces available, whereby the switch plugs straight into a USB port.


TNI Woodpecker

From TNI (International) and Mounts and More (UK)

Connect up to five switches and an additional Joystick controller. Any Atari or wheelchair style digital joystick with a D9 connector should work, including the MERU Moozi.

Compatible with JoyToKey. Highly recommended for gaming by OneSwitch.

D.I.Y. Switch Interfaces

Build your own switch interfaces. Includes many other guides for switch accessible equipment.