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Switch Platform Games

"Dracula Cha Cha" picture.

"Dracula Cha Cha" pictured above.

Dracula Cha Cha

"Dracula Cha Cha" - one switch game

Wonderful take on Konami's Tomena Sammer. Guide Dracula through five stages of grins. Accurate timing needed to complete, but fun just to play.

SPACE = Jump. Hold then release to make a level selction or to play Rock Paper Scissors. Lots more to discover.

2009-2015 Infectuous


"Eat!?" - one switch game

Eat everything that's smaller than you - jump everything that's bigger. Requires quick reactions and judgement of size.

SPACE = jump (hold for a double jump)

(c) 2005 Matt Jastremski, Matt Welsh & Andy Krause.


"Fall" oneswitch game.

Collect fruit and power-ups, and avoid falling off the bottom of the screen. Requires very accurate timing. Requires an internet connection for high-score entry. host a fully on-line version. Reviewed at the GameBase.

(c) 2010 William Pilgrim

Go Monty Go

"Go Monty Go"

Jump the obstacles to reach the end. Game play a little like Moon Patrol. Requires very accurate timing.

(c) 2005 GK

Green Thingy

"Green Thingy"

Abstract platform game where you use the SPACE BAR to jump over holes and obstacles to eventually jump into a white hole.

Hazardous Heights

"Hazardous Heights"

Guide your bug to the bottom of the screen avoiding the baddies. Requires moderate timing skills.

(C) 2005 James Montagna.

High High Rockets

"High High Rockets" - one switch game

A hugely likeable one or two-player platform game with two stages. Getting to the ground floor, then rocketing and firing upwards all within a five minute time limit.

SPACE = 1P control. SHIFT = 2P control.

(C) 2010 James Montagna.

Horace & The Spiders

"Horace & The Spiders" - one switch game

Guide Horace into the spiders' lair to collect treasure. Requires accurate timing.

SPACE = Jump

(C) 2005 PugFuglyGames written by Chris Roper

Jump Frog

"Jump Frog"

Jump upwards as high as you can go onto moving platforms. No sound. Requires moderate to highly accurate timing skills.

(C) 2005 Gernot Frisch



Jump the obstacles to reach the end. Requires moderate timing skills.

(C) 2005 Rick Parker

Mario Dash

"Mario Dash"

Remake of Super Mario made one-switch accessible. SPACE BAR to jump, keep holding after landing to run. Huge fun including a level editor to make things easier if needed.

(C) 2004, 2005 Eiksoft

Miner Willy

"Miner Willy"

Remake of Manic Miner. Requires very accurate timing skills.

(C) 2005 Scottige

Mummy Patrol

SPACE BAR = jump and fire. Requires fairly rapid presses and a high degree of timing skills. Needs a press of CTRL to start.

(c) 2004 Mersey Remakes.

Ninja Academy

"Ninja Academy"

Ninja themed platformer, requiring very accurate timing and rapid switch presses.

(C) 2005 Hamumu Software written by Mike Hommel

One Button Dizzy

One Button Dizzy

SPACE BAR = jump. Requires fairly rapid presses and a high degree of timing skills.

(c) 2004 Normo's Remakes.

One Button Pitfall

"One Button Pitfall"

One switch remake of the Activision classic Pitfall. Requires accurate timing skills.

(C) 2005 Johan Meijer

Run Rabbit RUN!

"Run Rabbit RUN!"

Eat the carrots, jump over the baddies, avoid the gaps, go for a high score.

Requires moderate timing skills and fairly rapid button presses.

(C) 2005 Dan (DTM)

Run Rabbit RUN! 3D

"Run Rabbit RUN! 3D"

Eat the carrots and avoid the gaps, go for a high score.

Requires moderate timing skills and fairly rapid button presses. SPACE BAR or LEFT CLICK to play. ESCAPE to quit.

(C) 2007 Dan (DTM)

Sky Puppy

"Sky Puppy"

Game where you try to reach the top of the sky, avoiding baddies. Requires accurate timing skills and very rapid button presses.

(C) 2005 Daniel Roth & Michael Stearns

The Adventures of Stick Man

"The Adventures of Stick Man"

Very simple scrolling game where you press SPACE to jump the houses and try to collect the roof top coins. Requires fairly accurate reactions.

(C) 2005 hellmutharts


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