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Puzzle & Skill

"Never Ball" pictured above.

A Sliding Puzzle For Helen

4 by 4 grid of jumbled segments of a peach.

A Sliding Puzzle For Helen. Use your own pictures. Mix of difficulty levels. No time limit.


Blub & Blob

Two monsters with booze aiming at a pattern of drinks hanging from the ceiling.

Blub & Blob. Inspired by Puzzle Bobble. Booze themed. Features  Karaoke! Accurate timing needed.

Johan Halmen


Vector bloom of petals with various simple geometric shapes within. All glowing on a black background.

Chirality. SPACE or Click when a petal matches another. Choose "PEACE MODE" for slow play or "PANIC MODE" for hard.

Dream Codex

Gem Elimination

A grid full of coloured diamonds. A yellow directional line bisects some of the diamonds.

Gem Elimination is a Bejewelled match three type game. Short Gem Elimination video here.

Flabby Physics

A Yellow back-ground.Large blue ball , with a bouncing blob above it trying to reach a star above.

Flabby Physics is a bouncy physics based puzzle. Requires fast and sometimes held presses.

Paolo Pedercini


Mix of grey square and parts of a revealed photo of some colourful toy cars on a slot-racing track.

JazzBall. Inspired by Qix and playable in a variety of ways. Review here.

Graeme's Free Games

Jet Stream Trader

An air balloon near a craggy mountain against a whispy sky.

Jet Stream Trader. Guide your balloon using air currents to fetch and deliver items.

Brillsoft aka Roy Simmons

Manik Minis

Compilation of screenshots of a Warioware type one-switch game.

Manik Minis. Dozens of fun mini games for one button fun. Requires quick reactions.

Mogwai Entertainment (aka Matt Pilz)

Mind Winder

16-bit style tiled game play area. A blue bubble spiral close to a bas-relief brick wall.

Mind Winder. Guide a spiralling creature through various mazes. Requires very accurate timing skills and fast button presses.


Never Ball

Black and white ball. Green flat grass area with yellow coin targets. Misty hills in the distance.

Never Ball. One switch version of Super Monkey Ball. SPACE BAR = Turn left, tilt down, turn left. Video here.

One Switch Ballz

3 tile wide rows tilted off into the distance. A ball hovers above one. Space to Roll!

One Switch Ballz. Roll and bounce to the end of tricky courses. Requires very accurate timing skills.


Picture Puzzle

Dolphins jumping out of the sea at sunset. Green polygons are the missing parts of the picture puzzle.

Picture Puzzle. Can be set up as a cause and effect toy or as a fully fledged puzzle.

GameBase Review.

Graeme's Free Games


Colourful squares in a matching puzzle game.

Puz. Match coloured blocks. Hold to move. Tap to select a block to move.

William Pilgrim


Pixelated robot, tethered by a single rope to a ball, near a colourful vortex.

Ropor. Hold at the right time to swing, tap to leap, tap again to grab a nearby point. Tricky.

Tom Beaumont

Spacebar Spaceship

Spaceship with flames in space, around three planets.

Spacebar Spaceship. Last as long as you can dodging and destroying asteroids. 

Team Steve

Strange Attractors

Strange Attractors. Space bar activates the attractive force between you and other objects. Try to escape.

Ominous Development

Strange Attractors 2

Misty neon space scape. Blue neon structure. Metallic orb. Tower at a strange angle.

Strange Attractors 2. Brilliant sequel.

Ominous Development

Struck Gold!!!

16-bit style crane/mining game. A claw on a cable fishing for boulders and gold.

Struck Gold!!! Grab-a-toy crane type game. Requires fairly quick reactions.

FlyingmonkeyC Entertainment (aka Carlos Ramos).


Grey baton spinning in space with a grey trail behind.

Swing. Control the latching of a spinning rod to collect coins. Requires accurate timing skills.

Andrew Dinmore

Tera Turbine

White dot, red and yellow curve on a black background. Score of 1720 displayed in the middle.

Tera Turbine. A nicely accessible target game. A bit quick though.


Wizard Battle

Orcs and a Wizard traipse across a field of hexagons.

Wizard Battle. Fantasy strategy. SPACE BAR (player 1) RETURN (player 2). Requires held presses and accurate timing.


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