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Switch Race Games

"Orbit Racer" pictured above.

1Key Speedy Lander

Land your space capsule, refuel then take off again to transmit a signal in the quickest time.

Requires good timing (hint: start at 300 metres). Tested as working well on Windows 8.

(c) 2005 Generation Stars

Blob Race

Race your carriage to the end of the course, jumping obstacles. Requires accurate timing and fast button presses.

(C) 2005 Software of Sweden

Bullet Speed

Race against another, collecting food power-ups to speed up. Requires fairly accurate timing skills.

(C) 2005 Skeletal Software

CRC Formula 1 Racer

CRC Formula 1 Racer. Image of a rocket powered wheelchair about to race down a road in Dublin.

3D rocket wheelchair race, around the streets of Dublin, Ireland. Requires held presses and pretty accurate timing.

(C) 2008 CRC Outreach Project

Jet Boarder

Jet Boarder

3D race game in the vein of Buggy Boy. Requires accurate timing skills and the ability to tap a button rapidly.

(C) 2005 Leandro Correia

Micro Sprint

Scalextric themed multi-player racing game. Free demo or small cost for the full unlocked game.

(C) 2012 Stevie Goodwin

One Key Turbo Car

Race your car up the screen avoiding obstacles. Requires moderate timing skills. This game has no sound.

(c) 2005 Generation Stars

Orbit Racers

Manic space race game. Requires accurate timing skills and fairly rapid button presses.

(C) 2005 Pug Fugly Games


Partially one-switch game. Use Z to accelerate and release to slow down. Use X to brake (not essential). ENTER and cursor keys to navigate menus and start game.

Requires accurate timing skills to win races.

(C) 2009 Kobe Institute


Abstract 3D race game. Requires fairly accurate timing skills.

(C) 2005 Dream Codex

Also see Micro Sprint and the OneSwitch Blog.