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Switch Sports Games

"TIG Duels for Extraordinary Gentlemen" pictured above.

1 Button Dartz

One button game of Darts (RETURN key to throw). Requires very quick reactions or good pot luck!

(c) 2004 Minion


Darts game that needs to be played within a web-browser. SPACE BAR or CLICK (within the blue on-screen circle) to throw. 

(c) 2002 John Tear

1 Key Mini Golf

2D crazy golf game. Requires good timing and accuracy/luck.

2005 Generation Stars

Half PI D Golf

Alternative universe 9-Hole Golf. Very nice game play. Three speed modes.

2010 Super Sidearms

Mini Golf Accessible

2D Crazy Golf with many features. Requires good timing and accuracy/luck.

2005, 2011 Danny Boyd

One Key Golf

Golf game with trees and water obstacles. Requires accurate timing skills.

2005 Malibu

One Switch Football

One player football game with a good range of difficulty levels.

2009 William Pilgrim


Very simple but fun Penalty Shoot Out game of luck.

PC; Mac; or on-line

(C) 2004 Priory Woods School

Single Switch Golf

Psuedo 3D Golf game. Requires accurate timing skills.

(C) 2005 Chris Thomas (Yellowmonkey).

N.B. Windows XP only.

Switch Curling

For 1 or 2 players.  

Play on-line or click the picture to download. 

(C) 2010 Scott McKay

Switch Soccer

Online one player football game. Requires good timing skills and fairly rapid presses.

Available to download for off-line play full-screen thanks to Virtual Voices Village.

(C) 2007, 2008 Scott McKay

TIG Duels

Two player or on-line multiplayer fencing game. Hugely accessible and huge fun.

Includes options to switch off blood and gore effects, as well as the verbal goading if felt needed for younger players.

Reviewed at the GameBase.

(C) 2007, 2010 Oxeye Game Studio


Small screen shot from Way of the Exploding Hand 2, a one-switch fighting game from Graeme Singh.

Way of the Exploding Hand 2.

A one or two-player Karate game with pure one-switch controls. Brilliant.

(C) 2009 Graeme Singh

More Switch Sports

More Switch Sports

Click on the following for one-switch accessible Air-Hockey, Basketball and Curling.

For more one-switch accessible sport games please see the Blog.