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Various Switch Games

"Gambler" one-switch accessible game.

"Gambler" pictured above.

Alice Amazed

"Alice Amazed"

Five fun games in one. One or Two Players. Full instructions on-line. Excellent range of options.

SPACE for one-player, RETURN for two-player and optional ESCAPE key to quit.

Special Effect review for Alice Amazed.

(c) 2005 Michi & Tesa


BombZone (single switch game).

Detonate red balls within the elipses. Requires moderate timing skills, although fun for all.

(c) 2004 Reanimation Software.

Chuck Rock Dance

"Chuck Rock Dance"

Dance mat style game using a single switch. Requires moderate timing skills to get a high ranking, but anyone can play to the end of the song.

(C) 2005 Park Productions

Fantasy Trumps

"Fantasy Trumps"

Top Trumps style game with Final Fantasy characters. Requires basic literacy, numeracy and timing skills. May be frightening for very young gamers.

(C) 2005 Adam King (Koalagerch)



Save the fleeing people and bounce them into hospital to safety. Requires moderately quick reactions and good anticipation.

(c) 2004 SpacialFX.

Fire Fighter

"Fire Fighter"

tap SPACE BAR = build up water pressure
hold SPACE BAR = adjust angle of hose. Requires rapid taps of the button.

(c) 2004 TCK Soft.


"Gambler" One Switch Accessible Game.

Selection of mini games inspired by Oriental mythology. Fishing, Shooting, Gambling, Hiding, Archery and more.

Requires held presses for some selections, and fast reactions for some games.

(c) 2010 Lobo of Infectous

Jungle Run

"Jungle Run"

Avoid rocks and fences in your Land Rover whilst picking up bonus items. Requires fast reactions in the later stages of the game.

ENTER: start game
SPACE: switch between left or right side of road.

(c) 2005 Nicholas Davila

Nano Sucker

"Nano Sucker"

Fight the red cells by guiding your stone over them to turn them green. Get rid of all the red cells before they get rid of you.

SPACE: Go forwards.

(c) 2005 Kurt & Leon Blackwell

One Switch Arcade

"One Switch Arcade"

30 levels of arcade action. Requires various switch skills. Features a firework area accessible for all.

(C) 2005 Alf Fly Games

Paper Fingy

"Paper Fingy"

Various tricky games on note paper! Requires very accurate timing skills.

(C) 2005 Trevor 'Smila' Storey

Stone Worm

"Stone Worm"

Eat goats and maintain a balance between starving and over eating. Requires moderate timing skills.

(C) 2005 Ilia Chentsov

The Boat Man

"The Boat Man"

Unusual game where you send souls to heaven or hell. Some gamers may find the game content and sound effects disturbing.

(C) 2005 Jeff Lunt

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