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Ultra-Stik +

£90 (£115 4 switch / £125 8 switch) +p&p

The Ultra-Stik Analogue Joystick with Switch Interface is a versatile accessible controller designed primarily for Windows PC use.

  • Analogue joystick give fine levels of control if needed.
  • Recognised as a standard Joystick controller.
  • Xbox Adaptive Controller compatible.
  • Optional extra switch sockets can bring extra options in games.
  • Can act as a Mouse replacement.
  • Optional extras: Can be linked to an many other consoles with a Titan adapter.
  • A velcro base to secure the joystick such as the Trabasack Connect range is recommended (purchase from Trabasack direct).

Please feel free to e-mail for further information and for ordering details.

Ultra-Stik Analogue Joystick with Switch Interface

  • Accessibility standard sockets allow for a huge range of controls to be attached.
  • Share controls using the stick and switches. All controls can be reprogrammed as mouse or keyboard functions.
  • Use the switches and/or joystick as a Mouse controller using JoyToKey. Use to browse the internet and much more.
  • D.I.Y. guide for this analogue joystick with switches.