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One Switch Most Wanted List

The following lists some of the things I am trying to track down. If you have anything listed here, and are interesting in selling them, please e-mail. Thanks!

Canyon Bomber (Coin-op)

Canyon Bomber - 1977 Atari Coin-op game.


Atari Coin-op "Canyon Bomber" from 1977. Would love to get hold of this arcade game. Also Drop Zone 4 from Meadows from 1975.

Playalong Albums (C64)

One Handed ASCII Grip controller.


Commodore 64/128 music software: Playalong Albums - Beatles and Pop Hits on cassette, diskette or ideally an emulator file.

Air Attack (Commodore Pet)

Air Attack - Commodore Pet game.


Commodore Pet game: "Air Attack" by Supersoft (1979). Game cassette with or without overlay.

Arcade Adventures (BBC B)

Arcade Adventures (BBC B)


BBC Micro games on Disk, Cassette or Emulator file:

1. Arcade Adventures (Brilliant Computing 1988)
2. Break-time Games (Brilliant Computing)
3. Derek Harrison's Compact (BIMH) programs.
4. Micrex Toy Interface.
5. Nidd Slo-Mo for BBC.

Team Xtreme Switch Box

Team Xtreme Switch Box.


Pathway Developments Switch Boxes for Nintendo N64 games consoles.

Hitari Tumbler 2-button

Hitari Tumbler


Two button Hitari Tumbler's wanted, if in good running order (cosmetic condition not important). Would enable me to sell some very cheaply this way.