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Switch Accessible Sale Items

A variety of new and second hand switch accessible equipment can be found below. Click on the images for more information. Everything here is guaranteed for three months reasonable use.

Please feel free to e-mail for help on anything that is unclear and for payment details.

Drinks Dispenser (sold out)

Switch Adapted Drinks Dispenser

Switch adapted drinks dispenser from Bandai. New old stock imported from Japan. One only in stock.

Electronic Dice (sold out)

Switch Adapted Electronic Dice

Switch adapted electronic dice with lights and sound.

Playstation Interface (sold out)

Switch Adapted Playstation Interface.

A switch adapted joypad for use with Playstation One games. Add a £5 USB adapter to play switch games on a PC.

Imperfect condition but working 100% as described.

Switch Lottery Number Picker (sold out)

Switch Lottery Number Picker.

Use an accessibility switch to pick lottery numbers.

Talking Tins (sold out)

Switch adapted

A simple recording and playing device that can be supplied adapted for plug-in switch use, or unadapted for standard use.

BBC Micro (sold out)

BBC Micro switch software.

A BBC Micro computer, switch interface and suit of switch accessible software stored on ROM.

This machine comes alive almost instantly, and gives switch users access to a YES or NO selector, large graphical dice, a speech device with talking type-writer and a versatile number generator. The latter can be used to pick Bingo numbers, Lottery numbers and much more.

All you will need on top of this device is a RGB SCART equipped TV (if your DVD player connects to it, you should be fine) and at least one switch.

Switch Water Blaster (sold out)

Switch Adapted Water Blaster!

A switch adapted battery powered water-pistol.

R/C Car (sold out)

Switch adapted

A flipping Radio Controlled Car switch adapted for forward and reverse turn.

Blo-Bot (sold out)

Switch Adapted Blo-Bot - Radio Controlled Robot.

A two switch adapted radio controlled inflatable robot. One switch spins the other drives the robot forwards.

includes a loud speaker and microphone set-up which is not switch adapted.

Crawling Hand (sold out)

Switch Adapted Crawling Hand.

A great halloween toy or perhaps horror film prop. A switch adapted radio controlled crawling hand.

eBay Switch Accessible Shops

Adapted-Playthings and K-Angel Design - USA based eBay sellers.