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Games Console Switch Interfaces

The following Switch Interfaces can make otherwise inaccessible games consoles playable. By allowing standard accessibility switches to connect to games consoles, gamers can tailor design their own set-up. It may still be however that gamers will need to play in teams to cope with the huge surplus of controls many modern games demand.

Click on the images below for more details on each controller and where you can purchase these from. Please feel free to e-mail for help on anything that is unclear, or to share new information.

Switch Interface Deluxe

Games Console Switch Interface Deluxe.

From (UK)

A highly versatile adapted arcade stick controller that can accept from one to 27 external accessibilty switches.

Compatible with PC, PS2, PS3 and by connecting a wired Xbox 360 controller (purchased separately) Xbox 360 too.

UltraStik Switch Interface

UltraStik Analogue Joystick and Switch Interface.

From (UK)

Reprogrammable PC Analogue joystick including four switch sockets. Can be set up in a wide variety of ways including Mouse emulation. Using a Windows PC and link-up system can be used to access an Xbox 360, Xbox One and PS3.

PSone Switch Interface

Switch adapted Namco Arcade Stick from OneSwitch.

From (UK)

A very rugged switch interface, with fourteen switch sockets, an on/off switch to enable/disable connected switches.

PC, Playstation One and partially Playstation2 compatible. NB. No analogue stick compatibility unless using optional Cronus Max device.

Switch Interface D.I.Y. Kit

Switch Interface D.I.Y. Kit


Build your own accessible controller / switch interface from easy to use parts.

6-Port Controller

Image of Evil Controllers 6-Port Controller with medium sized red accessibility switch.

From: Evil Controllers (USA)

A six-socket switch interface for the Xbox 360. The function of each socket can be reconfigured to any button on the controller.


Image of Evil Controllers Adroit Controller with analogue boxes.

From: Evil Controllers (USA)

A versatile switch interface with remappable controls, switchable profiles, auto-fire, control latching options and external analogue controls.

Game Box Controllers

RJ Cooper Game Box Controllers

From: RJ Cooper (USA)

A number of basic adaptations to JoyPad controllers. Ideal for team play or for gamers needing a button or two brought to a more accessible place.

Gimpgear Versatility

Gimpgear / Broadened Horizons Versatility Switch Interface

From Broadened Horizons (USA)

Various switch accessible gaming adaptations and devices. Require additional switches and optional analogue controls to suit each individual to create a tailor made control set-up.

Gimpgear Nintendo Wii

Nintendo Wii Switch Interface

From Broadened Horizons (USA)

Various Wii switch accessible solutions.

N.B.Presently there is no switch accessible solution to games requiring Wii remote motion.

Guitar Hero Interface

Guitar Switch Interface

From Enabling Horizons or RJ Cooper (USA)

PS2 and PS3 compatible switch interface for Guitar Hero. Features a one-button play mode.

PS3 Switch Access Pod

PS3 Switch Access Pod


A durable Playstation 3 switch and analogue interface box that allows for full customisation of controls unlike any other.

Contact designer Geoff Harbach at LEPMIS for more information. See also: LEPMIS guide for making your own analogue controls for the PS3 Access Pod.

Playstation Control Centre

Playstation Control Centre.

Enabling Devices (USA) and GSTS Designs (USA)

A Playstation compatible controller with a number of switch sockets at the rear. Playstation One and partially Playstation2 compatible.

Team Xtreme

Team Xtreme from Pathways Developments Group.


Nintendo compatible switch interfaces. Superb versatile controllers from the sadly defunct Pathways Development Group, Inc. Their interfaces included versions for the Famicom/NES, Super Famicom/SNES and N64.

D.I.Y. Switch Interfaces

Build your own switch interfaces. Includes many other guides for switch accessible equipment.