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One Switch "Strange Attractors (Ominous Developments)" available from the library.

Updating every month

May 2006: Russian and Japanese articles published on-line on One Switch gaming. blog created, replacing this updates page. See you there...

April 2006: New Game Accessibility FORUM is now active! This replaces the old CGE-UK forum which is no longer around. OneSwitch mentioned in a Guardian article on inaccessible and accessible controllers.

March 2006: "Physical Barriers in Video Gaming" document added. Added Pugsy's MAME Cheat link, making MAME emulated games much easier.
January 2006: Added accessible Mini Dance Mat to shop. Added three new one switch games to the library, being "Eat!?", "Jungle Run" and "Horace & The Spiders".

December 2005: Updates to Switch Games News. "Strange Attractors" one switch game nominated for an "Innovation in Game Design" award at the 2006 Independent Games Festival. New work underway on a universal switch interface. Added adapted R/C 'Blo-Bot' and ASCII Grip one handed Playstation controller to shop. Articles on OneSwitch published in issue 9 of "Plan B Magazine" and issue 70 of "Way of the Rodent".

November 2005: Adapted X-Arcade has limited switch compatibility with Xbox, PS2, Dreamcast, PC and GameCube. The Ravuya's "1W1B" switch gaming competition reaps 30+ new single switch games.

September 2005: Adapted X-Arcade finally available in the shop! One Switch Games: Strange Attractors and Alice Amazed updated. Updated switch gaming links.

August 2005: Added page detailing the Classic Gaming Expo UK 2005 and stall information. Updated the page with photos of people playing accessible games. Added PC USB switch interface to the shop.

July 2005: Added PC and Mac USB interface and Nintendo Entertainment System switch adaptation D.I.Y. guides. Added two new games to the download pages, "The Adventures of Stick Man" and "The Life in Matter".

May 2005: Nearly 70 fantastic free to down-load single switch games have come from the competition. 50 are available now via the library, with screen-shots, reviews and 20+ more to follow later. Thankyou to everyone involved, especially Oddbob! Updated adapted X-Arcade shop page - coming soon for Playstation 2.

April: 2005: 'GameZone Live' cancelled at the London ExCeL centre due to lack of funding from major investors. CGE-UK will now be held on Saturday the 13th of August, and will be there. RetroRemakes are presently holding a fantastic one switch game programming competition. The competition ends at 11:59pm on the 11th May UK Time. All entries will eventually be available for free download from the library.

March 2005: Update to Pioneers of Accessible Gaming adding VIDEOPLACE video clip and early audio game "Wumpus". Namco TV game adaptation added.

February 2005: Found a likely fix for the adapted X-arcade! See and switch gaming at GameZone Live in the CGE UK Retro area (from Thursday the 1st to Sunday the 4th of September, at the London ExCeL centre). Added links to Accessible Retro Gaming forum. Updated Pioneers section, adding Hands Free Nintendo controller. Later added info on Myron Krueger's Videoplace and Videodesk. Slowly updating switch games area. Added switch games download area. Updated links.

January 2005: Happy New Year! Removed front-page counter. Added new links. Updated Switch Adaptation Service photos. Added D.I.Y. Switch Accessible Vectrex guide and D.I.Y. "Air-Surfer" Accessible Radio Controlled Plane. Added Pioneers of Accessible Gaming page.

December 2004: Completed a switch accessible MB Vectrex / GCE Vectrex controller. OneSwitch moves address. Added details of a new Kids Playstation controller. 5000 unique hits for the front page reached.

November 2004: Added link to links page.

October 2004: Added One Handed video game controller to Accessible Video Game controller page. Updated links. Removed X-arcade from sale, whilst undergoing re-development due to 'ghosting' problems.

September 2004: Working on "Gaming Assistant". Added Campaign page link to the new IGDA Games Accessibility SIG Mailing List.

August 2004: Added Commodore and Amiga compatibility information to adapted Namco Arcade Stick adapters page. Added Accessibility in Video Games Campaign page. Removed Text only site. 4000 unique hits after counter broke for some weeks.

July 2004: Updated Illuminated Switches shop page. Added £20 illuminated switches to bootsale. Added switch adapted X-arcade universal controller for Xbox, Playstation 2, Gamecube, Dreamcast and USB PCs and Macs to shop. Added adapted X-arcade solo D.I.Y. guide. Working on video game Ideas section. Added Virtual Light Machine to shop.

June 2004: Added Tumbler instructions to library. Re-starting work on Video games in ideas section. Added a rough D.I.Y. Scalectrix section. Added photo of switch adapted Big Monster "full function" radio controlled car. Added new adapted £15 R/C car to bootsale. Added two more excellent "Places to Go" links (thanks again to Alicia).

May 2004: Added Web-Cams section to links page. Took down Dog Betting System, and replaced it with D.I.Y. Virtual Betting Systems. Links added, including lots in "Places to go" section (thanks to Alicia Howell). Added photo of switch adapted "Chaserz" Scalextric type race game. 3000 unique hits for the front page reached.

April 2004: Added photo of adaptation service "Spin Dragon". First attempt at a proper Japanese page - thanks to Noriko for her help. Added Dutch translation option on front pages. Added Playstation adapters page for switch control over Sega Dreamcast, Sega Saturn, Sega Megadrive, Nintendo NES, SNES, NEO Geo, PC Engine and MB Vectrex. Added link to free on-line dice. Added photo of adaptation service Helicopter and OOglie. Added a proper French index page - thanks to Chris Burke. Added pictures page for RETRO computers and games machines compatible with RETRO switch interface.

March 2004: 2000 unique hits for the front page reached. BlinkSwitch page added linking to Added Switch Adaptation Service to site. Link to SCOPE 'Taster Day' for the 16th of March, where exhibited. Added D.I.Y. Remote Power Socket (UK) instructions. Added adapted Talking Tins and adapted Remote Power Socket to shop. Added Nintendo 64, Game Boy Advance, Sip/Puff Playstation links to Video Game page. Added OOglies instructions to Library. Added Web-Rings page. Added D.I.Y. Talking Clock instructions.

February 2004: Art Gallery restored. Some work on Video Games and Other Games. Added D.I.Y. Sega Saturn Switch Interface instructions, which follow for adapting most controllers and D.I.Y. Speech Device instructions. Added links to Arsenal for their free wheelchair user and visually impaired supporter tickets. Added an adapted Sega Saturn to the Bootsale.

January 2004: Added an Assistive Technology section to links; Updated Playstation and PC Switch Interface page; Updated Switches page; Art Gallery and Greyhound articles down temporarily.

December 2003: Please leave your comments on my new Guest Book. 1452 unique hits for the front page on the 31st.

November 2003: Small updates to IDEAS page. 1000 unique hits for the front page reached; Payment details added to SHOP; Added Season's Greetings Card; Updated the SHOP's Boot Sale page.

October 2003: Added link to Mark Bosanquet-Bryant's adapted suck/puff XBOX, N64 and PS page, and link to Symbol World. Translated "Using Switches and Switching Systems with people who have Severe Learning Difficulties" booklet to web-format with kind permission from Chris Addis and ROMPA. Added D.I.Y. basic guide for suck puff switches, and IDEAS: News section.

September 2003: D.I.Y. guide for Switches (basic and illuminated) and D9 pin-out improved; Added link to Brillsoft and Myron Kruegar's - Video Place; Added large picture of Basic Playstation/PC interface. D.I.Y. guide for Switches.

August 2003: Added some new links; Added wacky sounds to the OOglies page. D.I.Y. guides for OOglies, Retro games machines/computers interface and Playstation and PC interface. Tumbler with Light Sticks / Electroluminescent wire. Links to pVoice, Nuwerks and Circuit Bending added.

July 2003: Added Racing Post article; Added Winamp radio link.

June 2003: 10th Business starts. OOglies, Retro interface, Switches and Playstation/PC/CD/DVD interface, Adventure Game Books in the Shop. New interesting Links added. On-line International Dog Betting System v.1.1 completed. First MP3 files of one-switch musicians uploaded. Small update to Text only site.

Nov 2002: registered, after initial work on previous name -

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