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4Ways 4Ward screenshot. Beautifully inked scene of four anthropomorphic animals, smartly dressed facing the same way, surrounded by a tree, night-club, guitar and amp and open sky.

One Switch Accessible Adventure games. Click an image to download.


4ways 4ward

Inked animals in very smart clothes.
4ways 4ward. Hold to walk. Release to trigger a memory and swap character. 12+ rating (some swearing). 

NoDevAtAll Team

A Wise Choice

Image of a rat wearing a long sock scarf.
A Wise Choice. Quirky fantasy. Press SPACE to respond as you wish. A little buggy, but very imaginative. 


Branston & the Lost Machine

Branston and the Lost machine. Switch accessible adventure game. Hand drawn characters.
Branston & the Lost Machine. Hand-drawn one switch adventure. Playable on-line.

Hanan Finnerty

Invincible Island

Invincible Island screen shot of a retro themed adventure game.
Invincible Island. Retro multiple-choice adventure game.

Andy Mason 


A falling hand drawn man dropping by a cliff.
Weem. Short graphic adventure. Requires very fast tapping at one stage.

Sergio Cornaga 

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Many adventure games will require a mouse or keyboard emulator. Get in touch for help with any game accessibility and assistive technology needs.