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"Dracula Cha Cha" pictured above.

Abandoned Portal Factory

Abandoned Portal Factory cartoon character with an arrow above its head pointing to a then red spiral vortex in a white circle.

Abandoned Portal Factory requires held well timed presses. F = Fullscreen.

Kyatt/Imposter Cat Games


Canabalt image of two pixelated suited characters jumping through glass in space above buildings.

Canabalt one and two player (thanks to the NVA) versions of this hectic "endless runner" classic. Full version at link below.

Adam Atomic and Danny B

Dr Sanjay Gupta

Dr Sanjay Gupta exploring an 8-bit body.

Dr Sanjay Gupta tricky game to cure a patient. May cause motion sickness.

The Chen Brothers

Dracula Cha Cha

Dracula Cha Cha one switch game screen shot. Image of green Dracula riding a scooter with a Reindeer in Venice.

Dracula Cha Cha is a wonderful take on Konami's Tomena Sammer. Guide Dracula through five stages of grins.



Roughly drawn smiling zombie in a green jumpsuit with the number 10, in front of some cactus plants.

Eat!? all smaller than you & jump all bigger. Difficult.

M.Jastremski, M. Welsh & A. Krause


Cartoon character with a big nose falling whilst wearing a red parachute.

Fall. Collect fruit and power-ups, and avoid falling off the bottom of the screen. Very hard.

William Pilgrim


Dingy green medieval platformer. Ominous scythe swings at the top of the screen.

Grail is a super hard brutal platform game. Right arrow key to play.

Paul Law

Green Thingy

A neon angular spiral with a glowing spark on it.

Green Thingy. An abstract game where you use SPACE BAR to jump over obstacles to get to the end (a white hole).

High High Rockets

Two cute alien ball like creatures labelled 1P in red and 2P in green look left on a grey platform.

High High Rockets. Find your rocket then fly home in 5 mins. 

SPACE = 1P control. SHIFT = 2P control.

James Montagna

Jungle Kid

Cartoon Jungle Kid swinging through a jungle.

Jungle Kid. Tap left-click to jump. Requires pointer control to restart a game.


Mario Dash

A blocky 8-bit Mario jumps from a high tower of blocks towards the end level flag. A beautiful blue sky, a cloud and below a spiky creature.

Mario Dash. Use SPACE BAR to jump (hold to run). Includes a level editor to make things easier if needed.


Run Rabbit RUN! 3D

Run Rabbit RUN! 3D. Eat the carrots and avoid the gaps. Quite hard.

Dan (DTM)

Santa Falls

Father Christmas in a cartoon like platform game.

Santa Falls. Use SPACE BAR to change direction.


Student Stampede

Pink sky. Pink haired student jumps from one platform to another.

Student Stampede. Platformer that starts gently.


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