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One Switch Top 11

The following lists a personal top 11 free one-switch PC games from OneSwitch.

Alice Amazed

Cartoon Alice in Wonderland in a basket on the top of a hill, surrounded by a protective rainbow, about to fire an arrow up at a rabbit balloon tethered above her.

Alice Amazed. Five mini-games for one or two players.

SPACE bar (1P) or RETURN (2P).

Michi & Tesa


Space craft following dots with a huge explosion behind it.

Aurikon. Flee from or destroy an onslaught of baddies. Superb. Install then search for "Play Aurikon".

Aggressive Game Designs

Catchy Orbit

To a Galaxy backdrop, a range of blue, red and grey spheres.

Catchy Orbit. SPACE bar alone is enough to get from stage 1 to 22. Brilliant low pressure game. CTRL+F for full-screen.

A. Shkljaev & A. Gulev

Dracula Cha Cha

Dracula Cha Cha one switch game screen shot. Image of green Dracula riding a scooter with a Reindeer in Venice.

Dracula Cha Cha is a wonderful take on Konami's Tomena Sammer. Guide Dracula through five stages of grins.


Dragon's Lair

Dirk the Daring cartoon figure.

Dragon's Lair switch accessible version. Video here.

Please buy the original if you enjoy this.

Mod by W Pilgrim.

Flabby Physics

A Yellow back-ground.Large blue ball , with a bouncing blob above it trying to reach a star above.

Flabby Physics is a bouncy physics based puzzle. Requires fast and sometimes held presses.

Paolo Pedercini

Gimme Friction Baby

Black and white spartan puzzle game. Big white balls. A turret at the bottom.

Gimme Friction Baby. Avoid your shots bouncing back past the dotted line. Burst balls by hitting them 3 times. Left-click.

Wouter Visser

Mini Golf Accessible

Mini Golf overhead view. Cobbled path leading to drawbridge. Grass and hole.

Mini Golf with three control methods. Requires accurate timing skills.

Danny Boyd

Mystic Mine

Isometric rail-track game.

Mystic Mine. Brilliant 1-6 player game with full one-switch mode and speed control.

Koonsolo (free source code for programmers)

Soccer Physics

Pixelated football game. Bright colours side view of lego like football players. One flying in the air.

Soccer Physics For 1 or 2 players.  

Bonkers football game. Mac version.


Wave to the People

Purple hand waves from a train window at a smiley alien out and about.
Wave to the People very sweet game where you simply wave (if you want to) to try to get a smile back on a train journey. On-line here.

Sergio Cornaga