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HORI Separate Controller

£115 (+p&p) - 2nd hand reconditioned
+POA extra adapters

The HORI Separate Controller can be used in three ways: Traditional (conjoined), Split (two-halves) or One-handed (right-handed).

Sony Playstation One, PS2 and (with supplied adapter) Windows PC compatible. Ask if you need this to work with something else.

Please feel free to e-mail for further information and for ordering details.

HORI Separate controller flyer

  • PSone, PS2 and PC compatible.

  • Excellent HORI build quality.

  • L2 and R2 controls are fully analogue.

  • One handed mode for right-hand (note: right-side L1 + L2 buttons work only when detached from left-side).

  • Get in touch regarding boosting the accessibility of this controller using a Titan Two and optional Game Control Mixer features.

HORI Separate Controller.