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4Pete's Sake

Image of an animated power point story book title screen with the 4Pete's Sake padlock utility in front.

Download: 4Pete's Sake

About 4Pete's Sake

This simple PC utility is designed to give a little more control to one-switch users in controlling a Microsoft Power Point slideshow. That means switch control over playing stories, sensory stories, photo albums, sound albums and much more.

4Pete's Sake offers the user two different modes to suit different abilities and different situations. The Padlocked mode is aimed at those who find it difficult to press a button just the once. The Back and Forth mode is aimed at giving one-switch users with more accurate control the power to step backwards and forwards through a slideshow.

This utility needs to be downloaded, unzipped, then positioned on top of a running Power Point slideshow. It's designed to be used with one or two accessibility switches set to act as the "1" key and optionally the "2" key. ESCAPE to quit.

Useful Power Point Links

Pete's Stuff: Free Power Point Sensory Stories from the talented Pete Wells.
Pete's Power Point Station: Resources and D.I.Y. slideshow Tutorials.
TLWMSN Blog: Many Power Point links and resources.

Mode Selection

Back and Forth Mode

With your Power Point slideshow up and running, start the 4Pete'sSake utility. You should see the Mode Selection box (pictured left) appear. Drag it to a position that won't obscure your slideshow.

Press "1" to select either the "Padlocked Mode" (top) or the "Back and Forth Mode" (bottom) when highlighted.

Press F2 or Escape to return to this Mode Selection screen. Press Escape again to quit.

Padlock Mode

Locked Padlock

The Padlocked Mode enables a slideshow to be stepped forward once, with a switch set to "1", before becoming locked out. Pressing "2" to unlocks switch "1". But why...

Imagine someone who finds it very difficult to press a switch just once due to spasms or tremours, or an exuberant person who loves to press a switch lots of times very fast without much self-restraint.

Now imagine that person wanting to run a story or presentation in front of a group of people. The lock and unlock system can help avoid the accidental skipping of slides or the deliberate speeding through of an entire presentation at 100 mph.

The press-happy user might need the support of another person to unlock them once the group viewing have taken in a slide. Other users may find it possible to unlock themselves with a second switch.

Back and Forth Mode

Go Back

The Back and Forth mode is aimed at users familiar with scan and select switch access. It enables a person to to step forwards and backwards through a slideshow using a single switch.

Switch "1" - Step story in the direction of the white arrow (backwards or forwards).

Switch "2" - Toggle between automatic alternating arrows and static arrows.

UP and DOWN cursor keys adjust the speed of the automatic alternating arrows.

N.B.All 4Noah utilities are the copyright of William Pilgrim © 2009 hosted here with his kind permission. These may not be charged for or adapted without prior permission.

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