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Palco Electro Dice


Electro Dice. Large bright display with sound. Easy to daisy chain - roll 2 or more dice at once. Dice colours vary.

Plug in your switch, then press to roll. Many empowering, fun uses.

  • Large bright display with Sound
  • Requires a disability standard Switch - not supplied
  • Last two in stock (red or black)
  • New old stock items so packaging is a little worn.
  • Fitted with new batteries and comes with a lucky-dip adventure book.

2 Daisy chained Electro Dice.


    • Take part in board games.
    • Play Adventure Game books - where you are the hero.
    • Bet on Virtual Greyhounds using our Betting System.
    • Make your own random choices in Art and Music creation.
    • Can be used in a heads or tails manner.
    • Can be used to pick any number at all.

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