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Low Pressure

Purple hand waves from a train window at a smiley alien out and about.

One Switch Low Pressure games. Click an image to download.


Alien Abduction

Cartoon UFO abducting a spaceman, on a lunar sending.

Alien Abduction. Abduct all the aliens within a time limit. Accurate timing skills or luck needed.


Three thin white hoops in a green back ground. Scattered red balls all around.

Bomb Zone. Detonate red balls within the elipses within your ammo limit. Low pressure.

Reanimation Software.


Space craft following dots with a huge explosion behind it.

Aurikon. Install then search for "Play Aurikon". Use slower speed and easier play settings.

Aggressive Game Designs

Catchy Orbit

To a Galaxy backdrop, a range of blue, red and grey spheres.

Catchy Orbit. SPACE bar alone is enough to get from stage 1 to 22. Brilliant low pressure game.

A. Shkljaev & A. Gulev

Chill Balloon

Hot air balloon against a beautiful backdrop.

Chill Balloon. Fly at your leisure, and try to land. Mac version. PC eye-gaze version.


Fantasy Trumps

Fantasy Trumps game. Orb alien creature on the left with five stats, vs the Infernal Machine train on the right also with stats listed below.

Fantasy Trumps card game with Final Fantasy characters. Content not suitable for all.

Adam King

Gem Elimination

A grid full of coloured diamonds. A yellow directional line bisects some of the diamonds.

Gem Elimination is a Bejewelled match three type game. Short Gem Elimination video here.

Gimme Friction Baby

Black and white spartan puzzle game. Big white balls. A turret at the bottom.

Gimme Friction Baby. Avoid your shots bouncing back past the dotted line. Burst balls by hitting them 3 times. Left-click.

Wouter Visser

Just Fishing

16-bit style image of a young woman on a short pier fishing in the sea. An exclamation mark above her and a bird flying by. One fish on the deck behind her.

Just Fishing. Fish using the Space Bar.

Ruthie Edwards


Cartoon-ish goal-keeper in yellow shirt and shorts. Football about to hit the back of the net.

Penalty! shoot-outs. Cause and effect game of luck for beginners. 

Ian Bean, Priory Woods School

Picture Puzzle

Dolphins jumping out of the sea at sunset. Green polygons are the missing parts of the picture puzzle.

Picture Puzzle. Can be set up as a cause and effect toy or as a fully fledged puzzle.

GameBase Review.

Graeme's Free Games

Pumpkin Toss

Pumpkin in a spooky castle surrounded by staring witches.

Pumpkin Toss. Obstacle course. Tricky, but take your time.


Random Access Remeberer

Feeling Happy for no reason, with smiley face and red cross symbols above.
Random Access Rememberer. A randomiser pulling up a pair of symbols with writing below. On-line here.

Sergio Cornaga

Student Stampede

Pink sky. Pink haired student jumps from one platform to another.

Student Stampede. Platformer that starts gently.


The One Armed Bandit

Cartoon fruit machine / one armed bandit.

The One Armed Bandit. Fruit machine game with content some may find a bit rude. Click on the arm to play.

Circus X

Wave to the People

Purple hand waves from a train window at a smiley alien out and about.
Wave to the People very sweet game where you simply wave (if you want to) to try to get a smile back on a train journey. On-line here.

Sergio Cornaga


Sparse vectorised cogs and dots.

Wheelkling. No rush game of skill. Requires good or lucky timing. Click or any-key to launch. If you fail to pick-up a dot, you'll lose a life.

TonyPa and Kevin Macleod

Various Cause and Effect Games

Myriad speckled coloured lights on a black background.

All low-pressure activities in the Cause and Effect section.

Various Sports Games

Basketball one-switch accessible game. Referee giving point to red netball player against the yellow player.

Lots of low-pressure activities in the Sports section. Especially Hoop Stars, Kurling and Golf.


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