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Chess game with accessibility switch scanning.

"UA-Chess" pictured above.

A Sliding Puzzle For Helen

4 by 4 grid of jumbled segments of a peach.

A Sliding Puzzle For Helen. Use your own pictures. Mix of difficulty levels. No time limit.



Dartboard one-switch / one-button accessible video game.

Bullseye! Click button (top-right) twice to throw. CTRL+F for full-screen. SPACE Bar works, but prone to accidental throws.

John Tear

Crazy 8's

Crazy 8's card game. One Switch accessible version.

Crazy 8's five rounds to get rid of all your cards first against the computer.

Tactical Neuronics

Fantasy Trumps

Fantasy Trumps game. Orb alien creature on the left with five stats, vs the Infernal Machine train on the right also with stats listed below.

Fantasy Trumps card game with Final Fantasy characters. Content not suitable for all.

Adam King

Picture Puzzle

Dolphins jumping out of the sea at sunset. Green polygons are the missing parts of the picture puzzle.

Picture Puzzle. Can be set up as a cause and effect toy or as a fully fledged puzzle.

GameBase Review.

Graeme's Free Games

UA Chess

Chess set up for one-switch game.

UA Chess. 2 player chess that can be played in a variety of ways.

UA Games


Zampabolas screenshot of 4 different colour dragons with long necks eating white balls in a small arena.

ZampaBolas. 1-4 player Hungry Hippos type game.

Tymar Games


More One Switch traditional games 

• - Connect 4, Chess, Draughts, Solitaire and Sudoku.
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Sa11ytaire (Patience)

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