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Zik-Zak LARGE joystick

£180 Zik-Zak LARGE METAL (plus postage)
£165 Zik-Zak LARGE PLASTIC (plus postage)
+£35 MERU Cow-bar Top
+£POA Golf Ball tops

Heavy duty highest-quality Xbox Adaptive Controller compatible joystick. Fully analogue.

Please feel free to e-mail for further information and for ordering details and strength adjustment.

Xbox Adaptive Controller Zik-Zak Heavy Duty joystick - silver aluminium low profile box with black large MERU cowbar.

Aluminium case.
3 joystick tops supplied.
Joystick top does not spin.
Velcro base (hook/rough style).
Silent "hall effect joystick" operation.
MERU cowbar options (black, red or blue).

9cm high from base to cow-bar wrist/hand rest area.

Around 600g of pressure to move the stick to the edge. Lightest option is around ~70g. Heavier also avaiable with a thicker spring.

Stick extensions, 1/4" 20 camera mount, Golf Ball tops  and other customisation options available upon request. More pictures here.

Xbox Adaptive Controller with Zik Zak heavy duty joystick.

Zik-Zak LARGE Plastic black and white analogue joystick for the Xbox Adaptive Controller and PC.Zik-Zak LARGE Plastic above with interchangeable tops.