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Lightweight PS4 HORI mini

£150 (plus postage)
+£45 Brook Playstation 2 adapter

A light pressure controller for those who can reach the sticks and buttons on a standard gamepad, but struggle with how stiff they are.

PC, Nintendo Switch, Sony PS3 and PS4 compatible (*).

Please e-mail for further information and for ordering details. Red, blue or black versions available upon request.

PS4 HORI mini Lightweight sensitive light pressure game controller. Image of controller includes the outline of a humming bird.

Both sticks fitted with lighter springs and buttons.

Buttons all lighter pressure.

Sensitivity booster button for sticks, L2 and R2, via the supplied Titan adapter. Slot 0 the least sensitive, Slot 4 the most sensitive.

6 free Titan slots give the potential for custom modifications, remapping, latching and so on.

25g pressure or less to activate thumb-sticks.

Custom PCB designed by sixty four pixels

N.B. For Nintendo Switch use go to System settings > Controllers and sensors > Pro Controller Wired Communication (and set to) ON.

For Sony Playstation 4 use go to Settings > Devices > Controllers > Communication Method > (then set to) "Use USB Cable".

*: These controllers have no rumble motors, no touch-sensor (beyond touch-click), and no motion sensors. 

HORI mini lightweight controller in red, black and blue.

HORI mini lightweight controller side view.