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Feather Joystick

£420 XAC Feather (plus postage)
£POA GCM Feather specialist system
£POA Optional accessories

The world's lightest pressure tactile gaming joystick. As little as 5g of pressure is needed to activate, akin to being delicately brushed by a feather.

The stick does not use a spring, but hovers on a bed of magnets. Sensitivty can be adjusted using a Windows PC app up to 20g.

This is a specialist item. Please e-mail for further information and for ordering options.

Feather ultra light sensitive cork topped joystick. Lighter than HMC Mini joystick.
The basic Feather plugs directly into a PC USB port or Xbox Adaptive Controller. This can be upgraded with a GCM XAC Titan Two system.

The GCM (Game Control Mixer) Feather is aimed at those who can manage a stick and 1-4 extra buttons/switches but no more. See the GCM100 page for more on how this system works. This comes with a Heads Up Display LED compass.

The Game Control Mixer system is a and Celtic Magic design. The Feather Joystick is a Celtic Magic design. Read Able Magazine for a brief history.