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Blink Gaming

Catchy Orbit

The following lists a small batch of blink accessible games. Most are low pressure. See also YouTube stare-out videos (don't blink games).


Three thin white hoops in a green back ground. Scattered red balls all around.

Bomb Zone. Detonate red balls within the elipses within your ammo limit. Low pressure.

Reanimation Software.

Catchy Orbit

To a Galaxy backdrop, a range of blue, red and grey spheres.

Catchy Orbit. SPACE bar alone is enough to get from stage 1 to 22. Brilliant low pressure game. CTRL+F for full-screen.

A. Shkljaev & A. Gulev

Gimme Friction Baby

Black and white spartan puzzle game. Big white balls. A turret at the bottom.

Gimme Friction Baby. Avoid your shots bouncing back past the dotted line. Burst balls by hitting them 3 times. Left-click.

Wouter Visser

Mini Golf Accessible

Mini Golf overhead view. Cobbled path leading to drawbridge. Grass and hole.

Mini Golf with three control methods. Requires accurate timing skills.

Danny Boyd

Rotary Merchandiser

Rotary Merchandiser - toy capsules on a green baize disc under glass.

Rotary Merchandiser.  

Vintage one-switch game recreated as part of the One Switch 100 history.


Soccer Physics

Pixelated football game. Bright colours side view of lego like football players. One flying in the air.

Soccer Physics For 1 or 2 players.  

Bonkers football game. Mac version.