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One Handed Game Controllers

Click on the images below for more details on each controller. Some of the older controllers can still be found in the likes of Japanese auction sites. See this OneSwitch Blog post for more.

Many of the controllers below can be made to work with most games machines or computers with suitable controller adapters.

Please feel free to e-mail for help on anything that is unclear.

Game Control Mixer 1 HANDED kit

Game Control Mixer 1 Handed Kit

Game Control Mixer 1 Handed adapter. Convert standard controllers to one handed.


HORI Super Robot Wars Controller

A well built controller from HORI. D-pad is for left-handed use.

One Hand Controller

Ambidextrous One Hand gaming controller.

HORI Separate

One Handed HORI Separate Controller


3 modes of play: Conjoined, two halves or one handed (right-hand).

Mini Dance Mat

Mini Dance Mat controller

Finger controlled Dance mat.


ASCII/Sammy Grip V2

Stick has three switchable modes: D-pad, left-stick and right-stick.


One Handed ASCII Grip controller

Basic PSone era gamepad. Some controls can be remapped.

Evil Controllers

Evil Controller one handed controller.

From Evil Controllers

Various well priced one handed solutions for PS4 or Xbox One.

Ben Heck

Ben Heck one handed Xbox controller, heavily modified.

From Ben Heck

Various custom built one-handed controllers.


Grizpaw One Handed Controller

From GrizTech

A Playstation 2 digital controller with 14 buttons and 2 digital thumb-sticks.

Access Controller


Discontinued rare controller with interchangeable control pods.

Nintendo Wii

Nintendo Wii one handed controller

Many Nintendo Wii games can be played one-handeded. This NeoGAF post lists some of them.


Orthros One Hand Controller


One hand controller designed to be used with the PS3-SAP module.

Zaku Controller

Gundam Online Zaku Controller

A USB PC one handed controller.

Tailor Made Solutions

Tailor Made Solutions

There are a number of people and organisations that may be able to build you a tailor made controller at a price.

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