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Mounting Solutions

The following list details some of the mounts that can help players in their gaming. Being able to postion controls for optimum comfort and ease of use is very important. Don't forget some simple items such as bean-bags, laptop trays and cable-tidies. Seek advice from the suppliers below and let them know what it is you are trying to achieve.

Please feel free to e-mail for help if you have no luck with the following. See the OneSwitch blog for more mount news.

Camvate 1/4" adapter

Camvate camera mount for 1/4

From Camvate

A female camera fitting adapter (1/4" - 20mm). Can be glued, screwed or bolted into position.


Dycem rubber grip mat here with a computer laptop.

From Dycem (UK/Int)

Superb non-slip mats. Come in a variety of sizes, colours and forms. See also Dycem tape and netting.


MERU Flexzi - Mounts

From MERU (UK)

A range of highly versatile switch mounting solutions. These highly flexible mounts are amongst the safest to use by switch users with involuntary movements as they tend to give a litle if hit hard.

As used by OneSwitch and Special Effect.

Gorillapod Go-Go

Gorillapod Go-Go.

From Joby (USA)

An inexpensive camera based system best for light-pressure use.


Maxess switch mounts.

From Maxess (UK)

A range of well-priced and well designed velcro switch mounting solutions.

As used by OneSwitch and Special Effect.

Modular Mounts

Modular Mounts

From Various

Modular mounts, often camera based.

D.I.Y. methods and this excellent range of Enable Ireland YouTube videos are very useful.

Some include Manfrotto (e.g. Super Clamp 035 and 196AB2 Arm or stronger 244N Variable Friction Arm both with 1/4" camera adapter), Daessy, Hague (UK), Inclusive TechnologyMount'n MoverRam Mounts, Rehadapt, RJ Cooper

Polymorph Pellets

Polymorph Pellets

From Various

Plastic pellets that can be hand moulded into almost any shape once warmed up in water, then hard-set once they cool down again.

Rubberised Tape

Cat Tongue rubberised tape.

From Trabasack (UK) and Cat Tongue Grips (USA)

Rubberised tape that can be easily cut and applied to make many things less slippy.


MERU Splatz switch holders.

From MERU (UK)

Non-slip switch holders, that come in a variety of funky colours. Excellent product.


SUGRU rubber compound pouch.

From SUGRU (International)

A rubber compound that sets in 24 hours. Lots of ideas for gaming in this link.


Trabasack - Laptop mount

From Trabasack (UK and International)

Laptop mount ideal for many wheelchair users. A portable and comfortable velcro surface ideal for placing switches.

Trabasack Media Mount

Trabasack - Laptop media mount

From Trabasack (UK and International)

Media Mount for securing items onto a Trabasack tray.


Velcro strip. Hook and loop.

From Various

Industrial Strength velcro such as TX9 or Ultra-Mate Velcro from Ability World makes semi-permanent fixings (may require industrial strength glue).

Dual Lock a strong alternative.

Vault: XtendPlay


From Xwerx (USA)

Soft-touch system for avoiding hand cramps. Versions for Playstation DualShock style controllers and Xbox 360 joypads.

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