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G-Click gyro ultra sensitive accessibility switch.

£350 each (plus postage)


An extremely sensitive accessibility switch that detects very small tilting or twisting movements. Created by Celtic Magic in the UK.

Full instructions for the G-Click here.

  • Wear on a finger, wrist, head-mounted and so on. Even fixed to an object that pressure can be put upon can work.

  • Callibration: The G-Click system constantly re-callibrates to allow a user to freely move to a more comfortable position. Additionally a simple screw-dial allows for fast sensitivity adjustment.

  • Trigger a mouse-click, key-press (e.g. Space Bar, Enter, Tab) or relay output.

  • Relay output 3.5mm patch lead allows the G-Click to connect to any switch adapted equipment. This includes toys and gaming equipment.

  • N.B. Output is either a short pulsed press or latched on/off. Momentary switch action is NOT possible.

  • LED and sound display help the user understand the sensitivity and operation of the switch in day to day use.

  • Can be used alongside other sensitive joysticks and game controllers. For instance as a SHIFT switch alongside a Feather joystick with Game Control Mixer powers.

Please e-mail for further information or for ordering details.

This ultra sensitive switch can be used with other sensitive devices. Several G-Clicks can be used together. See this case study for an example of how easy this can be to set-up and use.