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Dragon's Lair picture.

"Dragon's Lair" pictured above.


Air Hockey

Air Hockey video game for one-switch play.

Air Hockey. One player game use ENTER. Two player use Number Pad. Use Windows Magnifier.


The One Armed Bandit

Cartoon fruit machine / one armed bandit.

The One Armed Bandit. Fruit machine game with content some may find a bit rude. Click on the arm to play.

Circus X

Love Tester

Love Tester machine.

Love Tester. Find out how irresistible you are. Built for the One Switch 100 accessible gaming history museum.

PC. Mac. Linux.

Jason Adams

Rotary Merchandiser

Rotary Merchandiser one-button electro mechanical game remake.

Rotary Merchandiser. The first electric one-button arcade game of skill. Made for the One Switch 100 game accessibility history project.

PC. Mac. Linux.

Jason Adams

Whacka Monty Mole

Whacka Monty Mole

Whacka Monty Mole. Play with one or two switches or a mouse compatible device. Alternative here.

Ovine By Design


Colourful blocky aliens in order shoot downwards against a black background.

Alienated Space Invaders like game. Press F1 to start one-switch mode.

Graeme's Free Games

Computer Space

Computer Space based on the 1971 Nutting Associates pioneering arcade game.

Moose's Software


8-bit style circus game. Three rows of balloons. Clown below on a sea-saw.

Circus based on the Exidy's 1977 classic.

William Pilgrim


A isometric view of a pyramid made of cubes. A green creature has jumped down the right side changing the light blue blocks to yellow.

Cubes based on the 1982 Gottlieb classic Q*Bert. Good difficulty level options.

Graeme's Free Games


A sparse video game view of an air hockey table.

Deflektion is a Pong and Air-Hockey game.

Graeme's Free Games

Dragon's Lair

Dirk the Daring cartoon figure.

Dragon's Lair switch accessible version.

Please buy the original if you enjoy this.

1983 Digital Leisure
2014 W.Pilgrim mod of original game
Colin McDonnell using a head-switch to play.

Drop Blocks!

Colourful square blocks on a black background, built up in a narrow tower.

Drop Blocks! Based on Stacker. Try to reach the top of the screen.

William Pilgrim


Frogger like screenshot. Multi-lane road at the bottom busy with traffic. Top half a fast flowing river with logs and turtles. At the very top grass and slots for 5 frogs.

Frogger inspired by the Sega/Gremlin 1981 classic of the same name. Requires accurate timing skills.

H. Spring

Froggy Ribbit

Frogger type game. Image of busy flowing roads and river.

Froggy Ribbit (may run badly on Windows 10). Tap SPACE/click mouse for UP. Hold to jump back.

Chris Mair

Invasion Force

5 rows of space invaders attack a moon base.

Invasion Force is a Space Invaders remake.

Excellent difficulty options.

Graeme's Free Games

Maze Muncher

Three ghosts and a yellow ball in a blue on black maze containing white dots.

Maze Muncher. Options include choosing the number of ghosts and game speed.

Use SPACE/left-click.

Graeme's Free Games

Missile Strike

Three cities under attack from missiles and a huge alien mother-ship.

Missile Strike.

Excellent difficulty adjustment. Use SPACE or left-click.

Graeme's Free Games


A column of 7 squares, a base of two blue squares and at the top a red square away from the column.

Slacker is a one switch version of the prize machine Stacker. Requires timing skills. Use F1 to cheat.

Clint Herron

Star Wars

A neon green trench inspired by Atari's Star Wars vector-scan arcade game.

Star Wars a one switch version of Atari's 1983 classic. Requires moderate to high timing skills.

Amazing Jas

Steeple Chase

1970s style graphics of two horses jumping over a block fence on a black background.

Steeple Chase (Atari 1975). 5 to start.

UP arrow = P1 (Jump)
W = P2, R=P3, Y=P4, I=P5, P=P6.

Italian Homebrew Software

Tiny Town Golf

Tiny Town Golf overhead mini-golf hole.

Tiny Town Golf mini golf game.

Use the RETURN key to play.

Christopher Mair

Retro Remakes - Classic Gaming for the Next Generation.

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