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Switch Shoot-em-ups

"Aurikon" pictured above.

Alien Abduction

Cartoon UFO abducting a spaceman, on a lunar sending.

Alien Abduction. Abduct all the aliens within a time limit. Accurate timing skills or luck needed.

Alien Blitz

Alien skyscrapers with a UFO above dropping a small bomb.

Alien Blitz. Clear the city to land your out of control space craft. Air Attack inspired.

Shane Kennedy


Image of a crab like space ship scuttling up a screen.

Archaist. Treasure hunt/shoot-em-up. Lots of accessibility features. Tough.

Atom Cruncher

Explosions amongst red balls and blue crosses against a black background.

Atom Cruncher. Shoot the red circles. Avoid the blue crosses.

Trevor 'Smila' Storey


Space craft following dots with a huge explosion behind it.

Aurikon. Flee from or destroy an onslaught of baddies. Superb. Install then search for "Play Aurikon".

Aggressive Game Designs

Blast Force

8-bit style vertical shoot-em-up. Space ships battle against a distant night cityscape.

Blast Force. Tap for fire and move right. Hold then release for power shots. Video here. Use Magnifier.


Blast Star Retro

MSX style vertical shoot-em-up. Space craft shoots rods up against a mother-ship big boss.

Blast Star Retro. Tap for fire and move right. Hold then release for power shots. Use Magnifier.

Igayori (on-line)

Blood Bath

One cartoon soldier runs past trenches and two dead cartoon soldiers. Icons for grenades and a machine gun.

Blood Bath. Rambo themed one-switch one man army. SPACE bar to fire a cycling choice of weapons.

Canabalt for Pink Daleks

Pixelated low-res pink dalek battling zombies.

Canabalt for Pink Daleks. Hectic endless runner battle against zombies.

Rob Fearon

Dam Breach

Very basic graphics of a cannon on rails shooting upwards. Basic river and dam to the left.

Dam Breach. Protect the Dam from attack.

Shane Kennedy

Dr. Who

Dr. Who's Tardis at the bottom shooting up against an onslaught of daleks.

Dr. Who. Shoot the Daleks. Requires fast reactions and button presses.

Trevor 'Smila' Storey

Fish Fish Bang Bang

Psychedelic explosions and stars emitting from around a yellow fish in the middle. All constrained by a neon outline of a star.

Fish Fish Bang Bang. Information to follow.

Rob Fearon

Flossy Siege

A sheel about to throw a beach ball down from the top of a castle to those below.

Flossy Siege. Drop various objects on top of attacking crocodiles to repel their attacks. Requires accurate timing skills.

Ovine By Design


Gunslinger in black squares up towards you in a wild west town.

Gunslinger. Simple shoot-em-up. When the Gunslinger twitches - press "G" to fire.

Joel Blackwell

Malco Monogatari

Cartoon-like robot head with fire from its mouth.

Malco Monogatari. Flame-em-up. Requires constant rapid taps.

Sergio Cornaga

Metal Clap

Side viewed shoot-em-up.

Metal Clap. Side scrolling shoot-em-up for one-switch. SPACE Bar or Left-click to fire and retract.


Pax Britannica

4 deep space giant space crafts in a circular flight-path, surrounded by smaller craft.

Pax Britannica. One to four player deep-sea tactical shoot-em-up.

See the GameBase Review

No Fun Games


Cartoon city, with a target over a window.

Sniper. One switch Sniper in a city game.

Tam Toucan

The Pyramid

Person in a spherical space ship about to battle a swarm.

The Pyramid: Retro Remakes 2006 competition Winner. One of the most accessible games to date, and great fun to boot.

PugFugly Games


Four arrows top right against a raster-lined scene of aliens.


Use the 4Noah utility to make one-switch accessible with a mouse click to change direction.

Bag Full of Wrong 


Huge neon explosion.


Use the 4Noah utility to make one-switch accessible with a mouse click to change direction.

Bag Full of Wrong 

UFO Panic

Cartoon moon scape with landed alien planting a flag.

UFO Panic. Space Invaders like game with power-ups.

Space-bar best for play (hold for rapid-fire). One of the easier games here.


Zogan's Log

3D rendered spinning space craft with huge jets against a rocky terrain.

Zogan's Log.

Control your spinner to find ore and escape this 3D world.


Sentinella (XP only)

Neon grid. Green compass effect weapon aiming towards a violent alien next to two humans.

Sentinella. Save the Human Race. Tense Robotron: 2084-esq game. Requires good memory and reactions.

Leonardo 'Saleo' Sala


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