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Performing Music with Switches

Image of the TONY-b MACHINE on-line rhythm machine.

Switch Accessible Music: Performance

[Update: this area is currently an archived page awaiting update. Find downloads here and a little more here.]

The following instruments offer a range of ways for severely disabled people to become musicians whether solo or as part of a band. Included is free musical software for PC's and inexpensive commercial music software for games consoles.

For advanced use it can be very effective to combine any number of these instruments using a multi-track mixer. From here one-switch lead instruments can be performed on top of prearranged one-switch backing tracks. Nice.

This is a fledgling area with many more ideas and products to share such as the Non-Interventionist Music System, the Sound Beam and most excitingly The Skoog. Also see the Drake Music Project, DMP SW, The Garden of Music and Living My Song for many more ideas.

Switch Mixer Lite (PC)

Switch Mixer Lite (PC)

Switch Mixer Lite (PC)

Set your switch to the "1" key to play WAV files from a folder. This can be just one-sound, or as many as you like in order or at random.

Music Player/Shortcutter (PC)

Music Player/Shortcutter for PC. Image of a musical note with a switch in the foot of the double-quaver.

Music Player/Shortcutter (PC - Free)

Play short bursts of music using music players. Mirror download and more a instructions here.

Sound Town (PC)

Sound Town bird dropping berries onto leaves.

Sound Town (PC)

Explore Sound Town using one or two-switches. Five activities to create music. See more at Alexander Horowitz page.

Tink (PC)

Tink (PC)

Tink (PC - Free)

A simple 16-note sound sequencer that is a joy to use once you have understood the instructions.

Interact using a mouse compatible controller or single switch.

TONY-b Machine (PC)

TONY-b Machine (PC)

TONY-b Machine (PC - Free)

WIP - Needs JTK alternative? No longer suitable.


E-Scape (PC - Free 30 day trial)

Switch accessible sequencer with one-switch play through capability. By Tim Anderson of Inclusive Music.

Joy To Key (PC)

Joy To Key. Image of a Playstation joypad with arrow pointing to a keyboard and mouse.

JoyToKey (PC - Free)

Can be used with two switches alone to open up the vast majority of keyboard accessible on-line musical instruments and toys.

Fluid (PSone)

Fluid - Interactive Sound Lab (PSone)

Fluid - Interactive Sound Lab (Playstation)

A wonderful way to give musical control to switch musicians via a suitable switch interface. Especially if using some form of Non-Interventionist system.

Listen to one-switch musicans using Fluid here.

Music 2000 (PSone)

Music 2000 (PSone)

MUSIC 2000 (Playstation)

All a bit baffling until you discover the Music Jam section. A wonderful way to get switch musicians to jam together by triggering various loops and sound samples.

Guitar Shred Show (PC)

One Switch Guitar Shred Show (PC)

One Switch Guitar Shred Show (PC - Free)

Sadly the Guitar Shred Show Flash website is no longer working.

Joy Music (PC)

Joy Music

Joy Music (PC - 30 day trial)

12 track sample loop player for one or two switches. From

CREDITS: Huge thanks go to William Pilgrim for his support of one-switch musicians and gamers every where.