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Switch Scanning

Scan and Select system. Grid of letters and text entry area.
Switch Scanning Practice

This utility enables basic switch scanning skills to be practiced. Click on the "1" button or press the SPACE BAR to simluate switch input.

Download: Scan and Select (PC)

Further useful info includes...
Switch scanning factors diagram.
Paul Nisbet & Patrick Poon info (1 + 2).
ACE Centre Switch Scanning Booklet
Gamasutra One Button Games Article.
Inclusive Switch Progression Roadmap by Ian Bean.

Possum and the history of Scan and Select.

Design Tips for One Switch Games.
Game Accessibility Guidelines.
Help You Play.

There are many methods for using switch access, such as on iOS devices with point-mode and recipes and the OneSwitch Pulse method for gaming on PCs and Consoles.

Many thanks to Gary Derwent for his blessing to resurrect his excellent Switch Scanning utility on-line. To support the development and sharing of similar Assistive Technology, please consider supporting SpecialEffect.

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