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SpecialEffect 10th Anniversary

Bliss Symbol Scanner, Possum ZX Spectrum overlay, Namco TalkingAid. Banner with NASA Eye-Gaze image. All from supplied Accessible Gaming exhibit.Telegraph key controlled slide-show on the history of game accessibility. Switch adapted 1970s battery powered toy dog. Green touch sign.Black and white TV on top of perspex box housing Meadows' 1975 game Drop Zone IV. TV screen shows a very old black and white arcade video game screen.Yellow GPO Telephone on a red and white chequered table cloth, next to a small colour portable TV and Spider plant. Part of a TV Powww! display.BBC Micro with touch-screen, speed control, gated joystick and wooden switch. Part of a Game Accessibility History show.Atari VCS games machine next to an Ultra Black and White portable TV. One handed Quickshot joystick, Barrie Ellis switch interface from 1995 and Ken Yankelevitz Finger Tip controller from around 1981.Various accessible game controllers, including a 3D printed Nintendo Switch hand-set, MERU custom arcade stick, Nintendo Hands Free Controller, DragonPlus RPG controller, cheat systems, Crash and PCG magazines and Nintendo NES running a Game Genie cheat cartridge.Switch adapted Namco Arcade Stick from 2001 by Barrie Ellis connected to Destruction Derby on a Playstation One. Also a Mini Dance Dance Revolution controller and Electro Kennel Club controller.Blind accessible gaming display. Includes a Votrax speech synthesiser from 1981, Mousou audiogames, Warp's Regret of the Wind, Kenji Eno signed SEGA Saturn and Sound Voyager on a GBA with headphones.Xbox One Cuphead game with two controllers ready to play in Co-Pilot style.SpecialEffect slideshow, possible to view using two light-pressure finger switches.


Accessible Gaming History Exhibit

The SpecialEffect 10th birthday celebrations (17th of November 2017) featured new and old accessible gaming equipment.

The section I ran focussed on the 1800s to 2017 in a lucky dip time-line (much skipped, much brought to light). There were many games to play, such as TV Powww!, audio games, subtitled games, switch adapted games, touch-screen games and more.

See more via these Accessible Gaming Displays PDF and High-res Photos downloads.

Many thanks to all who have helped me to pull this exhibit together. This includes SpecialEffect, (Bliss scanner), Roger Hector and Bryce Johnson (Vidcom), Hector Minto (Possum), Martin Lawes (Drop Zone IV), Sean Riddle (TV Powww!), My Dad (wood work), Shaz Hossain (3D printing) and many others. This was 98% part of my collection linked to the OneSwitch 100 project. Book to follow. One day...