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Switch adapted Crawling Hand
Some past items adapted for switch access since 2003 at OneSwitch. These items are no longer available.

If you find a working example of anything below, or at the One Switch Blog, I would be happy to consider adapting it for you. See the Adaptation Service page for more examples and information.


R2D2 switch accessible inflatable robot

Two switch R2D2 inflatable robot. One switch for SPIN, the other for GO.

Gazillion Bubbles

Switch adapted Gazillion Bubbles

Switch accessible Gazillion Bubbles machine.

Bingo Caller

Switch adapted Bingo caller

Switch accessible comedy Bingo caller.

SIG Sauer Water-Pistol

Switch Adapted Drinks Dispenser

Switch adapted battery SIG Sauer water-pistol.

Drinks Dispenser

Switch Adapted Drinks Dispenser

Switch adapted drinks dispenser from Bandai. New old stock imported from Japan.

Electronic Dice

Switch Adapted Electronic Dice

PALCO Electro Dice

Switch adapted electronic dice with lights and sound.


Playstation Interface

Switch Adapted Playstation Interface.

A switch adapted joypad for use with Playstation One games.


Switch Lottery Number Picker

Switch Lottery Number Picker.

Use an accessibility switch to pick lottery numbers.


Talking Tins

Switch adapted

A simple recording and playing device that can be supplied adapted for plug-in switch use, or unadapted for standard use.


BBC Micro

BBC Micro switch software.

A BBC Micro computer, switch interface and suit of switch accessible software stored on ROM.



Switch Water Blaster

Switch Adapted Water Blaster!


A switch adapted battery powered water-pistol.


R/C Car

Switch adapted

A flipping Radio Controlled Car switch adapted for forward and reverse turn.

Kidizoom Digital Camera

Adapted digital camera for switch access.

"Kiddi Zoom Twist Plus" digital camera adapted for switch use (July 2014).

Namco 5 in 1 TV game

Adapted Namco 5 in 1 TV game.

"Namco 5 in 1" TV game adapted for switches. Sockets for UP, DOWN, LEFT, RIGHT and FIRE (March 2005).



"Blo-Bot" radio control toy adapted for plug in switch use. One switch for SPIN, a Second switch for FORWARD (January 2005).

Radica Megadrive

Adapted Radica

Radica Sega Megadrive. Switch sockets for LEFT, RIGHT and B (January 2005).


Crawling Hand

Switch Adapted Crawling Hand.

A great halloween toy or perhaps horror film prop. A switch adapted radio controlled crawling hand (Jan 2005).

R/C "Racing Motorbike"


"Racing Motorbike" radio control toy by PMS adapted for plug in switch use. Four sockets for FORWARD, BACK, LEFT TURN, RIGHT TURN (Jan 2005

R/C Ford 4x4 truck


Nikko "Ford F350" radio control 4x4 truck partially adapted for plug in switch use. Forward and Back (couldn't interface to left and right) (January 2005).

"Air Surfer" R/C Plane

Adapted Radio Controlled Air-Surfer.

"Air Surfer" Radio controlled Plane, adapted for use with two switches. One switch to steer LEFT, with the other switch to steer RIGHT. (December 2004).

R/C Spider

Adapted Radio Controlled Spider.

Joke Radio Controlled Spider, adapted for use with two switches. One switch to SPIN and one switch for FORWARD. (December 2004).

R/C Submarine

Adapted Radio Control Submarine.

"Ocean Explorer" radio controlled yellow submarine, adapted for use with two switches. (August 2004).

R/C "Raging Monster"

Adapted Raging Monster.

"Full function" radio control car adapted for two switches. One switch to SPIN, the second for FORWARD (June 2004).

"Chaserz" racing game

Adapted Chaserz racing game.

Chaserz 'Scalectrix' type magnetic racing game. Both hand sets were adapted for plug in switch use (May 2004).


Adapted OOglie

Chicken Tickle OOglie adapted for plug in switch use. Up to three switches used for different wacky effects (April 2004).


Adapted Helicopter Toy.

Helicopter toy adapted for plug in switch use. One switch required to run motor (April 2004).

R/C "Spin Dragon"


"Spin Dragon" radio control toy adapted for plug in switch use. Requires just one switch for alternate forward / reverse (April 2004).