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Tailor Made Game Controllers

If all else fails, there are a small number of individuals and organisations that may be able to build you a tailor made controller. This is normally the most expensive route to take, unless you can find a charity to help. Please feel free to e-mail for help on anything that is unclear.

One Switch

One Switch adaptation service. (UK)

Switch adaptation service for games consoles and toys. Free advice on accessible controllers that may suit and D.I.Y. guides and assistance.



SpecialEffect (UK)

The UK based charity strives to support all people in overcoming any barriers faced when trying to play video games.

SpecialEffect have an impressive accessible hardware loan library and assessment team available to UK residents, as well as a permanent games lab in Oxford that people can visit by arrangement.

AccessAble Games

Accessable Games

AccessAble Games (Spain)

"Help individuals, institutions and organisations to access video games; including controller adaptations if necessary.

Also, work with other developers to make their games more accessible to people with disabilities, finding specific design and technical solutions for each game."


Acid Mods

Acidmods (USA)

A console hacking community, who have made some major adaptations to standard controllers.

The pictured Xbox 360 joypad has had four face buttons and a thumb-stick switched. Contact through AcidMods or via this AbleGamers forum post.

Benjamin Heckendorn

Benjamin Heckendorn (USA)

Talented hard-ware hacker, who may be able to take on an accessible controller project for you at a price.

Broadened Horizons

Broadened Horizons / Gimp Gear Switch Interface (prototype).

From Broadened Horizons (USA)

Also known as Gimp Gear. Tailor build gaming controllers that may suit with a large variety.


Brydo Tailor Made Arcade Sticks.

From (USA)

Tailor designed arcade sticks with an artistic flair. Very limited production.


Dream Technology - Special Requests for Accessible Gaming Hardware

CanAssist (Canada)

A brilliant government supported organisation in British Comlumbia who can build unique custom devices to enable disabled people in Canada. See their Accessible Gaming Controller for an example of their work.

The Controller Project

The Controller Project

The Controller Project (USA)

Custom gaming controllers can mean a lot of things. They could be big easy buttons for someone with muscle control issues or they could be a fancy cockpit for someones favorite flight sim. Often off-the-shelf systems are expensive or not quite what is needed.

People with a little bit of DIY knowledge can step in and make their own. They can even make them for other people. This is the place for that to happen.

Dream Technology

Dream Technology - Special Requests for Accessible Gaming Hardware

From Dream Technology (UK)

"...there must be many people needing something a little bit different or possibly something repaired. If that's the case, we would like them to get in touch..."

Evil Controllers

Brydo Tailor Made Arcade Sticks.

From Evil Controllers (USA)

A joypad modification service. Go to the Modded Controllers section, then to the "Build Your Own Bundle" to see what is presently available.


Handigamer (France)

From Handigamer (France)

A French outfit building custom controllers.

Kokoto Step

Kokoto Step (Japan)

From Kokoto Step (Japan)

A Japanese organisation building tailor made controllers from a range of stock parts.


LEPMIS (Long Eaton Powered Mobility Integration service)


Highly qualified and competent engineer with a long back ground in creating specialised controls for disabled people.


MERU logo.


MERU is a charity based in Epsom, Surrey, from where they provide services to clients in London and the South East.

They also offer an Information and Advice Service for parents and therapists nationwide, alongside selling some of their own in-house designed accessibility products.


Remap. Custom made equipment for people with disabilities.


"Remap works through a nationwide network of dedicated volunteers. They use their ingenuity and skills to help people with disabilities to achieve much-desired independence in some aspect of their lives, or to enjoy leisure opportunities previously closed to them.

Remap's unique pieces of special equipment are tailor-made and given free to the people who need them."

RJ Cooper

RJ Cooper (USA)

From RJ Cooper (USA)

With a proven track record of accessibility adaptations, RJ Cooper may be able to help.

Warfighter Engaged

War Fighter Engaged (USA)

From Warfighter Engaged (USA)

Brilliantly assessed and built tailor made game controllers for disabled veterens in the USA.


iPac USB and Console interface.

From Ultimarc (UK)

A Printed Circuit Board (PCB) with screw terminals for simple connection to switches and other digital controls.

Compatible with PCs, Playstation one, PS2, Xbox, Dreamcast and Wii with limitations. Highly recommended and used with the C-SID.


Cthulhu Preassemebled PCB.

From Gremlin Solutions

Available as a full D.I.Y. kit or as a pre-assembled PCB with screw terminals for simple connection to switches and other digital controls.

Compatible with PCs and PS3. Using the multi-console version, Xbox, PS2 and Gamecube compatibility is possible, although a donor controller cable must be wired into the PCB. See Instructables for more.


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AbleGamers Lab - USA West Virginia lab for trying controllers. - Enabled Cyber Gamers in Singapore.