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Adapted Talking Tins


Record any sound, then reproduce it on the press of an external switch. Great communication device.

  • 10 seconds of reasonable quality sound
  • Loud enough for most uses
  • Recording requires you to press 2 yellow buttons on unit
  • Very easy to attach to anything
  • Requires one disability standard Switch - not supplied

Adapted 'TalkingTins' sound sample player.

See Talking Products web-site for attachments and more great products


Give a person the power to get attention, and to say 'Yes', 'No', 'Stop', 'Start', 'Happy Brithday', 'Please', 'Thankyou' and so on.

Get more involved in games. E.g. Adventure Game books - where you are the hero in a story making all the choices as to what to do.

Make your own deliberate/random choices in Art and Music creation.

Choose a chapter in a book of short stories: Record "That One!" into the Talking Tin, then read out each story title until the person presses their switch. "That One!" is spoken, a choice is made, and you can then read the story. Whether random or deliberate, it is THEIR choice, not yours.


Do it Yourself - Adapt your own switch operated Talking Tin.
Talking Tins - The Original Talking Tins excellent web-site.