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Tumbler in the Dark

Customising with Light

Hitari Tumbler.

For people with a sight impairment, to aid concentration or just because it looks good.

Light Sticks:

Using cheap light sticks, it is easy to make any radio controlled vehicle become a stunning visual effect in the dark.

5" Glow Stick1.5" glow stick.

  • Attach 4" glowsticks to the roof of the car.
  • Use small 1.1/2" glowsticks in the wheel holes.
  • N.B.Where fixing glowsticks in the wheels, ensure that they won't hit the car's chassis when the wheels turn. Use clear tape over the wheels to prevent the sticks flying out.

Electroluminescent Wire:

"El' Wire" is cool flexible light, much like Neon only in the form of plastic wire. It can be wrapped around anything (see top picture).

El Wire.

El-Wire and Light Stick Links: