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DragonPlus RPG DuoCon 2
DragonPlus RPG DuoCon2 aka Arcade Box DuoCon2.

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Similar in design to a mouse or trackball this controller provides access to all the standard functions of a Playstation controller and more. It can be used by right or left handed one hand gamers. Two d-pad controls are included to ensure maximum compatibility. Full vibration support is also included via two seperate motors.

With additional controller adapters, this controller can be used with many other games machines.

Please e-mail if you wish to sell or donate a DragonPlus RPG controller.

DragonPlus RPG DuoCon2 controller.

• Controller designed for both left and right handed gamers.
• Compatible with all PlayStation2 software.
• Colours may vary.
• Alternative versions are labelled "Arcade Box", but are identical otherwise.

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