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Switch Adapted Playstation Joypad
Switch Adapted Playstation Joypad

POA (presently out of stock)

A JoyTech Playstation joypad adapted for accessibility switches to make gaming a little easier. Works on Playstation, PSone, Playstation 2 and with additional adapters many other games machines.

• Accessibility standard sockets allow for a huge range of controls to be attached.
• Share controls where one player uses switches and the other uses the joypad.

Please feel free to e-mail for further information and for ordering details.

Switch Adapted Joytech Playstation Joypad for accessibility switches.

• Works with 99% of Playstation and PS2 games using a Dual Shock controller.
• Good build quality.
• Enjoy some of the finest games available.
• Using separately purchased adapters the Playstation 3, Xbox 360, Nintendo Wii*, Gamecube and SEGA Dreamcast can all be played with switches too.

PS2 game Okami. Share controls to make this game accessible and fun for a team of gamers of all different abilities.PS2 game Everybody's Golf. Can be played with a little assistance with one switch.

• Can be connected to a PC adapter making most one switch games playable.

N.B. Switch access is to the shape buttons only. Plugging a switch into the "X" socket for instance can allow you to hit balls in golf games, make a car accellerate in race games and so on. Most games will still need someone to help set up menus and to take care of steering where needed.

* Nintendo Wii compatibility is restricted to those games playable with a 'classic' joypad controller. This is illustrated with an image of a Joypad controller on the back of Wii game boxes, as can be found on the back of Mario Kart and Bust-a-Move.

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