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Hitari Tumbler.

One switch for GO, one switch for SPIN!

• Stunt Car works both ways up.
• Great chaotic fun.
• Available as 27MHz or 40Mhz - race 2 cars at once!

• Use with one or two disability standard Switches not supplied
• Limited quantity - New old stock.

One Switch adapted Radio Control unit.

One Switch LINKS:

Do it Yourself - Adapt your own Radio Control Push Button Toy.
Fowler Electronics - Spare batteries and parts.

Hitari Tumbler.


Skittles and 10-pin bowling: Use tin-cans for extra noise.

Stunt Competitions: Longest jumps, best flips, best crash.

Art: Get a huge sheet of paper, then paint the tyres.

Football: 2 cars and an inflatable beach ball. Cross a line for a goal.

Paddling pool mayhem: Fill a paddling pool with balloons instead of water. Put in a car - set a time limit - 10 points for burst balloons, 1 point for every balloon knocked out of the pool.

Remote control Helium balloon: Tie a helium balloon to the car, then fly it around a room. Very visual.

Electroluminescent Wire on Tumbler car.

Tron - Light Cars: Add Light Sticks or Electroluminescent Wire for a fantastic effect in the dark - Ideal for people with sight impairments.

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